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Result of search for "political": 8442 tow`ah to-aw' feminine active participle of 8582; mistake, i.e. (morally) impiety, or (political) injury:--error, hinder.

8582 ta`ah taw-aw' a primitive root; to vacillate, i.e. reel or stray (literally or figuratively); also causative of both:--(cause to) go astray, deceive, dissemble, (cause to, make to) err, pant, seduce, (make to) stagger, (cause to) wander, be out of the way.


Let every being be in subjection to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except from Yahuah, and the authorities that exist are appointed by Yahuah. (Romans 13:1).


And Pilate, having called together the chief priests and the rulers of the people, said to them, "You brought this man to me, as one who turns aside the people. And look, I have examined Him in your presence and have found no guilt in this Man regarding the charges which you make against Him, and neither did Herod, for, for I sent you back to him. And look, He has done none at all deserving death. Having disciplined Him, then, I shall release'' - for he had to release one to them at the festival. And they cried out, all together saying, "Away with this One, and release to us Barabba" (who had been thrown into prison for a certain uprising made in the city, and for murder). Wishing to release Yahusha, then, Pilate appealed to them again, but they were calling out again saying, "Stake! Stake Him !"

And he said to them a third time, "Why, what evil has He done? I have found no reason for death in Him. Having disciplined Him, then, I shall release Him.''

But with yelling voices they insisted, asking for Him to be staked. And the voices of these men and of the chief priests were prevailing.

And Pilate pronounced sentence that what they asked should be done. And he released the one they asked for, who for uprising and murder had been thrown into prison, but he handed Yahusha over to their will. (LUKE 23:13-25).

Being anointed with the set-apart spirit and following divine law, as in the case of Daniel, is the only way to succeed in the political arena. Many were jealous of Daniel’s ability and wisdom, so they devised a way through men’s tradition, to bring Daniel down, but Daniel had the victory in the end.

This is exactly what they did to Yahusha, using a man-made festival to force and trick Pilate's decision, into releasing a murderer, instead of an innocent Yahusha. But again, Yahusha won in the end, He rose from the death they had given Him, for many to see the corruption of the political/religious system, and be delivered from it.

We see many nations today, protesting against the political/religious corruption happening in their own nations. There are stacks of other examples in Turah where men of Yahuah have been stuck in political/religious situations.

The scriptures above are showing us that divine law is above politics and religion, so if we behave Turah we are safe. Yahusha has put all authorities in place and presenting ourselves as an adversary to His selections, is going against divine law in our behaviour. We are not here to play politics, but to present Yahusha's DELIVERANCE in our behaviour, getting caught up in politics is missing the mark.