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Mark & Therase Davidson
Christopher & Victoria Hilton


The Behaviour Revolution began in 2015 when simple, everyday Aussies decided to step out of the Religious Messianic/Natsarim scene (after previously coming out of the Jewish/Christian scene) ... and listen to Yahusha's voice concerning the behaviour He requires from His True Bride. THEN YAHUSHA GAVE CHRISTOPHER THE 3 RULES which really fast-tracked us into His presence, allowing us to hear Him, regarding the way His Living Word is being handled today and all the old shadow-teachings, which have become tradition and rigid-liturgy, rather than truthful loving behaviour!


When Christopher (an ordained Pentecostal Pastor) and his wife Victoria met Mark (a musician/song-leader) in their Hair Salon 30 years ago ... they all had no idea what life-long journey awaited them. Today (after many years and salons) Christopher & Victoria are retired and Mark & Therase own a Hair Salon in Cairns. 


Our desire is to make the process of transition and maturity into Yahusha much quicker so that the sinner can access Eternal Life ... by bypassing all the religious man-made trappings that really slows us down.


Feel free to email, submit a question or (for a quicker response) fb msg us.

Welcome to Yahusha's Behaviour Revolution <3 <3 <3


332 Pease St, Edge Hill



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