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Weapons against Satan


Satan is our Enemy, the prince of the airwaves, a wicked, depraved liar and identity thief who hates Yahusha and roams the earth looking for anyone to devour. After he and a third of the angels rose up in rebellion against their Creator and His Instructions (for how to exist in His Creation), they were expelled from the higher dimension down to earth. Satan now seeks revenge against Yahusha and mankind (created in His image). Our Enemy has an Army (called evil or unclean spirits and demons) and they've been here since before the creation of mankind. So because mankind has also rejected the Creator's Instructions, the lies and madness of Satan has infected the whole human race to the point where it must be destroyed again (as in the time of Noah). That is why mankind must be delivered from the slavery of sin and evil.


There are demon spirits controlling men and women of this age and they are in the airwaves causing fear and hatred, against Yahuah's Instructions. These spirits need a host body to behave their depravity through, so the only way to stop them coming through us (or affecting us through those around us) is by learning the clean behaviour of the ARMOR & FRUITS of Yahusha, provided for all those who love Him. These fruits and armour can only be used by those in a portal relationship, who have been made clean, being purged by Yahusha Himself. Fighting warfare without being clean and set-apart is a useless waste of time.

Becoming Set-Apart and Clean from the contaminations of this worlds way of living is the only way we can wield the weapons of warfare (which is our calling!) This is why we are called out from death, because there's nothing else to live for really. Remember our WARFARE IS NOT AGAINST PEOPLE BUT SPIRITS Warfare is a behaviour which walks on the Words of Yahusha, Who wants to be so close to us. He tells us to TAKE CAPTIVE EVERY THOUGHT to make it obedient to Messiah. Some times this is a hard task but since we have Yahusha's Spirit within us, it is possible. We also have THE 3 RULES which act as a staff, having many uses as we walk along the path. 


Whenever we are confronted with a situation that seeks to have us in drama or violent emotions, we always have a choice: lash out and react with all of our selfly rights and importance .... or we can pause for a moment, connect with Yahusha through the Portal on our hearts and HE WILL GIVE US A FRUIT TO USE AS A WEAPON to disperse the evil spirits in a situation and bring relief to someone, allowing us a way out of a possible drama as well. Yahusha's Weapons are so cool, because they are BEHAVIOURS OPPOSITE TO THE WORLD and consciously behaving them (love, joy, peace etc ) is very powerful.

WE MUST WEAR THE ARMOR OF YAHUAH (even sleep and shower in it) because it is spiritual, and won't rust or disturb our sleep. Putting down the armour will leave us unprotected and Satan can change our behaviour with idolatrous thoughts. It is high time for the Bride to FIGHT BACK in these last days, from the PORTAL OF POWER on her heart. The weapons we use for this fight are the combination of Yahusha's Word and the Fruits of the Spirit, which is a BEHAVIOUR OF TRUTH.


Satan is furious if we overcome his worldly knowledge of idolatry, with righteous behaviour, for if we stay in the bounds of clean, righteous behaviour it becomes our impenetrable fortress. LOVE IS THE GREATEST POWER IN THE UNIVERSE and being armored whilst behaving the Fruits of the Spirit (when communicating with friends or family) will smash down Satan's influence and strongholds. It's time for victory people, using real behaviour and if you're not quite there yet, THE 3 RULES ARE A GREAT HELP in recognising (spot the demon) where the holes are in your mind, allowing evil to slip in and attack. The 3 Rules make us look at ourselves to discover what Yahusha doesn't want there in our behaviour.

Yahusha says our thinking is done in our hearts, not the mind (as the world says) which means we are doorkeeper/gate-keepers checking our thoughts, making them obedient to Yahusha. We have the Set-Apart Spirit in our hearts, which is our Portal to the love and presence of Yahusha, so if Satan can convince us that the brain is where we live, then he can invade our vessel, making us useless for warfare against his evil desires for us. The Bride needs to understand that we live, think, understand and love from our hearts, so that she can be victorious in her behaviour against Satan and his hoard, who want to dominate our hearts with worldly knowledge (which is completely idolatrous). From there he can control our behaviour, making us a vessel of unrighteousness. So he attacks our belief and behaviour day and night.


The way to love Yahusha would be considered obscene by todays world, but how could we not, when we know He has created the air we breath? We see the birds and animals He's created, each with a specific purpose. Every part of nature is alive and doing a purpose, so how could we not chase Yahusha and beg for His attention? How could we not adore, pant after, and want His presence? His wisdom and brilliance is so overwhelming, it brings us to our knees in amazement. When He sheds His spiritual love to us, we are overwhelmed to the point of fainting from this experience. Every minute of every day we need Yahusha's love, for His kindness and care is mind blowing to the point of intoxication, and we cry and beg for His wonderment, His presence.

Yahusha's presence is just a wonderance of kindness and thrills, and the way He loves is better than life itself, and He means it to be this way. Yahusha wants us to know that our whole being, is being in raptures and thrills, with His love. All the things He has done throughout the ages to fight for our love, makes our hearts scream in agony, for those that hurt Him. We want Him and need Him in our daily life at every moment, so we can serve him in whatever status, just to please Him. Yahusha is wonderful, wise, amazing, spectacular and so divine that it's not hard to love Him with all our heart, being and mind. Can you see now why Satan is so furious at anyone who experiences Yahusha? We have a choice which existence we want to live in and keeping the demons out of us means warfare (mainly against ourself) checking our thoughts and saying 'NO' to the Devil, not wanting to entertain anything wicked, for it will take us out of Yahusha's wonderful love.



Here's an easy-to-understand article for the whole family :




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