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Do you realise that the Creator Yahuah designed everything in the whole universe and spoke them into existence JUST BY SAYING IT? How powerful are His words? He is the Master Superhero who creates Superheroes and holds the balance of the entire universe in His hands. How amazing is He?


(what do those big words mean?)


OMIPRESENT means that He has no beginning and He has no end. We cannot even understand that because we were born into time. But Yahuah lives outside of time, which means He can see the past, the present and the future all at once - and He also lives in all of them too. He can be in every place in the universe talking to every single person all at the same time. Angels (messengers, good or bad) cannot do that, they can only be in one place at one time, and they cannot read our minds either.  But Yahuah can and this is what OMNISCIENT means: that Yahuah  knows everything about everything about everything about everything - He is all knowing!  OMNIPOTENT means He can do anything and everything. He is called Alahim, which is not a name but means the Mighty, High, Magestic, Powerful and lofty one. In other words He is the Master Uber-Super-Duper Hero, and most powerful being in the universe.


Isn’t it amazing that through our belief today we can have a close and real relationship with this amazing being, Who talks to us and upon our obedience and immersion, shares His essence (His spirit/ruach) with us so that we feel Him, know His heart and hear His mind as He guides us and trains us in His loving-kindness. Have you ever looked at an insect, a ladybug, or a beautiful tree or plant and considered that our Master Yahuah’s mind designed this and from the Words of His mouth it came to be?


Adam and Kuah were the first people who lived on Planet Earth. You will notice from the picture that their skin was very very dark, just like the black, rich soil that Yahuah made them from. After creating the heavens and the earth, the sea-creature, birds and animals, our Creator Yahuah made Adam in His own image, breathed His breath of life into him and gave him the job of looking after the earth and naming all the birds and animals. Imagine getting that job! Adam needed a partner and a helper to be with him so Yahuah put Adam into a sleep, removed one of his ribs and formed it into a woman, named Kuah.


Adam and Kuah lived together in the Garden of Eden, a lush, tropical paradise, not too hot and not too cold - the air and the water was a perfect temperature. They could eat from the fruit of the trees, swim in the crystal waters and while they slept each night their bodies were cleansed by the mist that came up from the earth. They lived naked and in harmony with the animals and birds around them and it was totally normal for them. Yahuah  would come and walk in the cool of the evening with them and they could also see into the heavenly spiritual dimension. 



Yahuah put two special trees in the Garden of Eden. One was called the Tree of Life and the other the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam and Kuah were born perfect, without sin, they never did anything wrong and this made them very happy people, because doing naughty things and breaking Yahuah’s Commandments always makes us unhappy.  Men and women were originally created immortal, which means they would not get old and die - they would live forever. This is because they were eating from the Tree of Life, which sustained them and strengthened them.

(the tree of life is a symbol for Yahusha too). 

Yahuah specifically told Adam and Kuah that they could eat from any of the trees in the garden EXCEPT for the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. This tree was off-limits to them and it was a test to see if they would be obedient to their Master’s instructions. They were told that in the day they touched that tree they would die.



So why do we consider Adam and Kuah Superheroes of the Behaviour Revolution? What were their SPECIAL SUPERNATURAL POWERS and what can we learn from their life’s experiences?

1. Adam and Kuah were the first people ever created.

2. They were eternal immortal beings that would live forever.

3. They were connected and in close fellowship with Yahuah Himself.

4. They could see into `heaven’

    (which is not up in the sky but right here in another dimension)


Notice that Yahuah breathed a shared essence and character into them. This meant that the Creator was literally living within them, connected through their minds and spirits. They could feel how He felt, hear His voice and were in a loving marriage with Him. They were one. Living in such a way with Yahuah’s essence and partaking of the Tree of Life meant that Adam and Kuah would not grow old and die, they would not have to work hard and they would never suffer any heartache, pain or hardship. Life was indeed Splendid.


Adam and Kuah also lived in a very different landscape to us - one where everything was provided for them and they never had to fight with pestering unclean spirits. Adam and Kuah are the only man and woman who ever experienced perfection - they were free, happy and living a perfect life the way Yahuah  intended it . . . 

We too have the opportunity to have the essence of Yahuah inside us teaching us and guiding us into all truth. everyone who does not live by the Ten Commandments needs to repent, be immersed in the Name of YAHUSHA for the forgiveness of their evil behaviour and then when they come out of the water the Creator will connect with them and come, live inside. This is how we overcome the world and it's evil behaviour so that we too can become perfect as Adam and Kuah were in the Garden of Eden.


Just as Adam and Kuah had two trees to choose from in the garden, we too have Yahuah's Instructions (the tree of life) or the mindset and way of the world (tree of knowledge). Mankind thinks they are the greatest force in the universe and able to rule themselves in their own great knowledge through religion, commerce, finance, wealth and power. When we are immersed we die to this evil mindset and Yahusha flogs us and trains us to bring forth the good fruit of righteousness (correct behaviour).


As we travel this path with Yahusha we begin to have open heavens, like Adam and Kuah did, and we can enter the throneroom of Yahuah boldly and communicate wih Him. Remember prayer is just talking to Yahusha about anything.


Before we talk about the serpent we need some background on the villain/bad-guy of the story. HaShatan is the enemy of Yahuah, but it wasn’t always that way. He was one of the Royal Messengers or Arch-Angels in the Heavenly Courts of the Creator. His name was Lucifer and he was the most beautiful of the Angels and the chief-musician in charge of all the amazing music going on in the Kingdom. He saw how much adoration and worship Yahuah received from everyone and he got very jealous. He rose up against Yahuah, turning a third of the Angels against Him too. This of course didn’t work - Yahuah immediately kicked them out of the Kingdom forever and to this day they roam the earth looking for people they can pester and turn against Yahuah.


Imagine Lucifer (haShatan the destoyer) seeing the creation of our dimension (the heavens and the earth) in all it’s array and then see Yahuah create a brand new family - human beings who look just like Him (angels don’t look like Him). How furious would he have been at this? You need to understand that today haShatan still wants to destroy all humans on this planet because they are created in the image of Yahuah. He is so bitter and jealous that we have an actual body with choices and a mouth with a voice (Angels are spirits and don’t have an actual body). HaShatan and his unclean angels/spirits are constantly trying to enter human bodies, either through total possession, or just by whispering in their thoughts and getting them to behave badly, because they know it upsets Yahuah when His created family go against Him and break His instructions and they know this will lead to their destruction.


HaShatan and his uncleans spirits want to destroy everything and they get great pleasure out of you not knowing they are right there talking to you. They want you to think that it is you thinking to yourself, instead of them hissing filthy lies and horrible words into your head so that your body will act them out through a behaviour. That is why all of Yahusha’s Superheroes were given SPECIAL SUPERNATURAL POWERS... to display a different behaviour to people and show that their bodies were not being controlled by haShatan and his unclean spirits. 


The first thing you should know about the serpent (snake) is that they were originally created with legs, which would make them look more like a big lizard or komodo dragon that could run around and climb trees. 


In his jealous rage, haShatan sought to destroy everything Yahuah had made and he entered a serpent and began tempting Kuah about the fruit she was not allowed to eat. Notice what happened to Kuah’s body as she began entertaining the wicked words of the enemy: “she saw that the fruit was good for food, pleasant to the eyes and a tree desireable to make her wise”. She was being enticed and seduced by her senses instead of saying “NO” and following Yahuah’s instructions. Her behaviour was changing because of the evil. HaShatan lied to her about Yahuah’s specific words telling her she would not die but she would have her eyes open to know good and evil. He convinced her that the EVIL he was suggesting was actually GOOD. This is how haShatan and his unclean spirits still operate today, whipering in people’s ears to “DO WHAT YOU WANT....IT’S NOT THAT BAD....IT WILL FEEL WONDERFUL....JUST DO IT.....NO ONE WILL KNOW....THERE WILL BE NO PUNISHMENT....IGNORE THE RULES....


We don’t get told much about Adam’s encounter, only that Kuah gave the fruit to him and he ate also. We are not told of his initial reaction to his wife’s disobedience, but clearly he chose to follow her. Maybe he was deceived and seduced too or maybe he wanted to stand by her side......whatever the reason, we do know that he disobeyed Yahuah’s instructions and as soon as this happened both their eyes were opened and they knew they were naked. 


What made Adam and Kuah suddenly see that they were naked? They were never told they were naked or what nakedness was. All the animals were naked, so why did they look down and decide that those parts of their body needed to be covered? Why not their hands, ears or feet? 


Remember Adam and Kuah were perfect, sharing an essence with Yahuah. They always felt wonderful and happy and loved, like being in a snuggly warm blanket, or a floating bubble. They had this because they were One with Yahuah and His protective SPECIAL SUPERNATURAL POWER covered them like a garment and sustained them while they were obedient. When they sinned (disobeyed)  it hit them like a tonne of bricks. Their wonderful, happy feeling left them and they would have felt NAKED in many ways. Maybe the serpent showed them really inappropriate, sensual, naughty things that can be done with the human body and because of this they just knew what nakedness was because they had now experienced EVIL. Whatever went down, we know that they now knew what GOOD and EVIL was.



Yahuah is perfect, He cannot occupy the same space as EVIL and if He did, the sheer power of His goodness would utterly destroy it. Everything He does and says is clean and good. Adam and Kuah lived outside of time just like Yahuah meaning they would never die. As soon as they disobeyed Yahuah, time as we know it began and they lost their immortality and sin (evil) entered their bodies which would make them gradually grow old and die. They became UNCLEAN which meant they were cut off from Yahuah  and His shared essence was no longer in them. They were banned from the Garden of Eden, unable to eat from the Tree of Life and their lives would be cursed.


HaShatan is very clever and he knows from his own experience that disobeying the Creator Yahuah will bring a curse. Let’s look at the curse that came upon the earth and mankind because of Adam and Kuah’s disobedience. 


Yahuah asks where Adam is and the first thing Adam says is that he was afraid. Adam and Kuah never knew what being afraid was. They were the most superior beings on the planet, in charge of looking after the earth and the animals, yet now they were hiding and afraid AND HAD strange behaviour. This is what evil does when we let it into our bodies through thoughts and actions.  Remember EVIL is anything that goes against Yahuah’s Instructions. 


We also see the first use of bearing false witness or making excuses (lying) - Remember the 9th Commandment - DO NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS. Remember RULE #3 - DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES . . . . 


Instead of telling the truth and repenting, Adam immediately makes an excuse by blame-shifting - “it was the woman who YOU GAVE TO BE WITH ME”. It was Kuah’s fault and Yahuah’s fault. Adam would not take responsibility for his lawless actions. Kuah then does the same thing and blames the serpent.


Evil had now entered the world and the curses came with it. Mankind would no longer have everything provided for them, they would have to plant seed, plow the fields and reap a harvest through sweat and hard labour. The weather would not be in their favor, the animals would not necessarily be their friend and the ground would be cursed also.

Kuah was told that women would now have lots of pain during child-birth and her desire would be for her husband as her ruler. As we know, this curse still stands, as women have tremendous amounts of sorrow and pain while having babies and their desire IS still for their husbands (ie a real man who will love them properly). And as we know, the serpent had his legs removed and became the hideous snake we all loath and fear, slithering and hissing along, hated by mankind and feared across the globe. The curses brought into the world through Adam and Kuah’s disobedence still stand today because every Word Yahuah says is true, solid and does not change. How devastating is this story ???


So Yahuah slaughtered some animals and made coats of skin for Adam and Kuah to cover their physcial nakedness. Blood had to be shed. Blood is very important because the life-force of every creature surges through it’s blood. Ask anyone who has had any kind of sickness or disease in their blood and they will tell you that your body cannot stay alive if your blood is sick. Adam and Kuah’s blood (their life-force) was now sick, diseased and cursed through their own lawlessness. 


Our blood is so very important and that is why murder is SUCH a big offense to Yahuah, because it is destroying a life created in His image and shedding it’s blood. How much violence and murder do we see  going on in the earth right now? Technically if a human being sins and does evil, they have to die (which means to shed their blood). But Yahusha our Deliver (remember He was there too) killed an innocent animal instead of Adam and Kuah. The blood of the innocent animals replaced the blood that should have been Adam and Kuah’s. You will see this idea used in many more stories as we go along. 


If Adam and Kuah had been left in the Garden of Eden where the Tree of Life was, then sin (evil) would live forever. This was not going to happen. Yahuah  kicked them out of the Garden, no longer allowed to eat from the Tree of Life. Adam and Kuah had chosen the tree of KNOWLEDGE instead of LIFE and mankind still makes this choice today as they cling to their man-made religions and systems of self-confessed wisdom and knowledge in the pursuit of happiness. 



Adam and Kuah did not physically die on the day they ate of the forbidden fruit, however their bodies did change and they died on that day to Yahuah. You see 1000 of our years is 1 day to Yahuah. After leaving the garden Adam lived to 930 years. That feels like ages to us doesn’t it, but it‘s nothing compared to living forever. Infact the oldest human being lived to 969 years! So if you think about it, no man or woman has ever lived over 1000 years, which means that no one lives longer than 1 day to Yahuah . . . . get it? 

Remember everything He says comes true. They died on the day they sinned!



The lesson we can all learn from the life of Adam and Kuah is a very important one. They were perfect and sinless, and yet even they willfully chose to let evil into their bodies. However when we look at Noak (coming up soon) and consider that he lived neary 2000 years after Adam and Kuah, we realise that Adam and Kuah picked themselves back up and followed Yahuah’s instructions. Qayin, their first son turned out to be the world’s first murderer, and yet Adam and Kuah still increased and multiplied upon the earth as instructed, passing on the instruction and Word of Yahuah.  So much so that by the time Noak came along, he and his family were the only peope on the earth who still had the original clean blood of Adam in their bodies, but we will discuss this later. 


I believe that Yahuah would have continued a very special relationship with Adam and Kuah. They were his treasured possesions, and His loving family created in His own image. Yahusha  is always trustworthy and forgiving of everyone who repents, and how many of Adam’s 930 years would he have spent crying out and repenting for his actions in the Garden of Eden. He and his wife were the only people to have ever tasted the magnificence and splendor of Yahuah’s esteem and perfection in the Garden of Eden, so their message to all their children would have been a very simply one: 

Love Yahuah and keep His Commandments.


Whenever mankind did wrong things our Creator Yahuah told them to shed the blood of an innocent animal to cover the evil. About 4000 years after Adam and Kuah left the Garden, Yahuah put on flesh and became a man, named Yahusha (which means Yahuah is our Deliverance). He was also called the 2nd Adam because he fixed everything that the first Adam ruined by shedding His own innocent blood, fixing the problem once and for all. Animal blood could only cover up a sin, but Yahusha’s blood can totally destroy it. Sin entered the world through a man so it had to be conquered by a man, and it had to be a perfect man. Here are some differences between both Adams:

After Yahusha came and conquered the curse of death caused by Adam and Kuah’s disobedient behaviour, Yahuah’s SPECIAL SUPERNATURAL POWER returned again, allowing mankind to have a shared essence with Yahuah again. Those of us who see how wonderful Yahuah is and how evil the world is, can repent of not living His Instructions, get immersed in the Name of Yahusha and receive His Ruach (spirit or essence) inside us to comfort, guide, help, teach, flog and train us so that we can overcome, start having the right behaviour and become His Bride. Isn’t Yahusha amazing!!!

Behavioural Lesson:

We need to know that while Yahuah punishes those He loves and flogs every child whom He accepts, He is always trustworthy and true, to forgive us of our evil behaviour if we repent and change. He is loving and forgiving of our cursed physical fleshly condition, but He still demands perfection of His Bride, which means that in this race to overcome evil, that every believer is running, ONLY A SMALL FEW WILL BE FOUND WORTHY TO BE MARRIED TO THE KING OF KINGS, the Superhero Who makes Superheroes.


Always remember that Yahuah hates lies. So if you stumble and fall, don't hide, don't keep it all inside because once we let evil into our bodies we become a slave to haShatan and he can use us whenever he wants. The pain and guilt of this causes us to have strange behaviour, which becomes very obvious to everyone around us.


Always tell the truth and get yourself free, run to Yahusha's loving arms and repent (say you are so sorry) and He will forgive you. There may still be a punishment or hardship - but you will feel clean and loved inside again. 

By Mark Davidson

Download the children's version of this study, complete with BYNV Scripture Reading, Comic Books and Activity Sheets:

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