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Go on into Maturity


The First Principles are the 'foundational steps' we take to enter Yahusha's Kingdom and learn to live a life of belief and loving obedience to His Word: Repentance, Immersion, Yahuah/Yahusha's Name, Sabbath Rest, Feast Days, Clean Eating etc etc ... Of course getting these principles right is vital for our growth, because if the foundation (even blueprints) are wrong then the house won't turn out the right way! When entering this new lifestyle in Yahusha, most people get so excited (to be woken up and set free) that they want to tell all our friends and family, ending up heart-broken and confused as to why THEY THINK YOU'RE CRAZY or in some strange religious cult etc etc ... Experiences like this (and many more) encourage people to congregate with like-minded folk, seeking the guidance of a teacher and then wander around and around in circles, going through the same First Principles continually ... not maturing! 



Today! we need to know our Scripture, and Hebrew History, so we can have `eyes to see and ears to hear'. Man-made Religion has added and subtracted from and to the Scripture, to capture and deceive believers. However Yahusha said, “See, I am doing a NEW THING!” and the `new thing' is to leave the First Principles behind, and go on down the pathway to Perfection/Maturity, able to endure this world, and serve Yahusha in exploits. This is growing up, instead of staying in childishness.

The `Jewish Movement' is a huge blockage in the mindset of believers today, keeping them immature by following their religious man-made Doctrines and Feasts. Yahusha's Feasts have (for centuries) been part of the fabric of the Hebrew Mindset so when we learn all about them (along with all the other Instructions) they become part of the First Principles for us. It takes 5mins to explain what they are to someone who wants to know, so we don't have to live in this `first principle' existence. We need to get on with it, move on ... overcome ... mature !


The Feasts are the ultimate Calendar-Event for the Jews (even though most don't accept Yahusha) ... and there are many traditions to be followed. Messiah told us that the Feasts were Shadows which all pointed to His first and second coming, and when He was here on earth His behaviour revealed Himself to the Hebrews, and they knew Him. Yahusha's presence revealed that He had qualified (according to prophecy) to fulfil the first 2 Feasts (Passover and Pentecost), and the 3rd (Tabernacles) would be fulfilled at His soon return.

Once we understand the meaning of the shadow-teachings of the Feasts (which is not difficult), we too can know Yahusha and understand our deliverance plan. All worship and praise in the Feasts should be pointed to Messiah’s presence, and the way to do this is to celebrate with good wine and food, and lots of Messiah’s love for everyone. Doing the Feasts the way the Jews are telling everyone is to omit Messiah’s presence, and focus on cancelled laws and traditions that are dead. Why would you worship shadow-traditions instead of Master Yahusha’s wonderful presence among us, for He is alive especially today on earth.


The Feasts of Israel are not the Feasts of Yahusha's Bridal Fellowship today. The old Bride is divorced, for she cannot see the Bridegroom, she rejects Him, and does not have His presence. The Bridal Fellowship has moved on past the First Principles while the Jewish-mixed-shadow-religion is whoring herself globally, and her Feasts have all the components of Babylon revisited. Be wise to yourself and don’t be deceived by Jewish / Messianic / Natsarim Carpet-baggers who stand in the doorway, not wanting you to enter. Belief in Messiah is what makes them move aside ... so bypass them all and run for your life !


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