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Here is a concern from our Brother MJ who runs the Shema Radio Network :

"The fact that IN Messiah dwells the fullness of the godhead including Abba is undeniable. That is a fact. The Scriptures teach that for sure. And you guys are into a big TRUE understanding. However, you shoot the message in the foot and 99% of folks will shut you down (like my wife and other elders) and in the end you can't reach them with the incarnation and the deity. The term "YAHUAH is no more" is a major mistake. Even by your own doctrine. If YAHUAH is in the person Of Yahusha, then HE STILL IS AND STILL EXISTS Hebrews 13:8 and Malachi 3:6!! But YHUH can be seen and found IN MESSIAH! (John 14) etc, AS YOU GUYS POINT OUT. So not only is THAT TERM misleading and erroneous, it invalidates the message which I fully trust you are onto something accurate. See what I mean? If the statement YAHUAH NO LONGER EXISTS AND YHUAH MORPHED INTO YAHUSHA is not changed, YAH will not multiply the seed or the message. The error is too great! Now. By your own teaching HE DOES STILL EXIST but in Messiah. Now we can verify that easily from Scripture. The term 'MORPH' in light of the New Age teachings (Hinduism, Buddhism etc). is highly problematic.

The Mediator is Messiah (between YAH and man), meaning man still exists, the mediator still exists, and Abba still exists (1 Timothy 2:5-6). I believe Chris being the elder (I assume) needs to also be humble and open to this, as I come in shalom and hope, with no malice agenda whatsoever! I love the worship anointed to the max! The messages are outstanding until we hit those road bumps.




If you can see how this is vital, then Yahusha will receive the glory. I have had to change things PUBLICLY and the way I presented them HUNDREDS OF TIMES over 40 years. HAD TO EAT CROW~Sometimes from being wrong outright, like Lunar Shabbat, teaching `Yahweh` rather `Yahuah`, `Yeshua` rather than `Yahusha' and more errors, many other times. Other times it was just the tweaking of the message. That makes me a student of Messiah and still teachable, not merely a stuck up teacher and leader, who cannot change due to loss of face or honor. From what I have seen, neither of you are religious or stuck up like that! What do you say and what does Chris say? I want to be a co-worker with you. That is my motive in case you were wondering. But how? In light of what I shared. Shalom shalom to the entire down under mishpacha!"

Here is Mark's response :

Hey brother, thx for your concerns ... what we have to ask ourselves is:

Why would Yahuah choose to ditch His first Order, first Blood-Covenant, first Bride Yisharal/Israel, first Temple ... and His former identity as a Father? Why would He want to put such a distance between Himself and everything before, so much so that He transformed (morphed like a butterfly does)?? ....

The morphing process is a beautiful example of the change-over we must all undertake ... it's not doctrine or pagan, but just an illustration of what He did (we don't worship butterflies either ... it's just an example of the process ... ) But on that thought: after a caterpillar goes into the cocoon and transforms into a butterfly, is there any part of the old creature in there, or HAS IT BECOME COMPLETELY NEW?! ...

These are the questions we must ask and seek His Spirit to see the truth of His intent. Remember 'we are not fighting flesh and blood but spirits in high places', and there is a very sinister, sneaky plot at work from the `SPIRIT of YISHARAL / ISRAEL' (yes it is an old wicked spirit that wants to use everyone and everything for global domination) ... infact there is not a single aspect of human existence on this planet that she does not have her hand of control on. This is the spirit of satan affecting a nation of people that Yahuah chose to DIVORCE and escape ... and become something completely NEW ... but Why? ....

One of the most important things Yahusha taught us is the LOCATION OF THE ULTIMATE NEW TEMPLE (our bodies) ... the opposite to what the spirit of Yisharal seeks to achieve today (just watch the news and see the mass Palestinian genocide occurring) ... with the ultimate goal of rebuilding the final Temple on the site of Moriah with all it's significance (to those people) ... to have the fire and presence and voice and status and preeminence .... to declare that they were right all along - YET SHE IS DIVORCED AS A WHORE and the only way for remarriage is for Her husband to die .. which He indeed did - ushering in A NEW SPIRIT (unlike the old Yisharal spirit that has such a heavy influence over most believers still today in all walks of life) ...

That is why Yahusha told us a few months ago that HE CHANGED - HE TRANSFORMED and no longer accepts any of the old forms and shadows of worship protocol ... THEY ARE DEAD JUST LIKE HIS OLD IDENTITY .... He hates all of it and especially what has been done to His Word and all the many religions and factions formed from it .... He is not in that anymore ... He lives in NEW human Temples now, in a NEW Name, NEW Blood-Covenant, with a NEW Bride made up all Tribes and Nations .... that must all enter through the door (that is Him) ... nothing to do with lineage or bloodline anymore!

But that sneaky spirit of Yisharal still wants her stamp on Yahusha's New Creation Order .. she still wants old things, old shadows, old teachings, old sayings, old names, old customs and wardrobe and furniture, old ways ..... and IT'S ALL IDOLATRY TO HIM NOW, FOR HE IS NOT THE FATHER....THE FATHER IS GONE - HE INSISTS ON BEING WORSHIPPED AS ALAHIM SEATED ON THE THRONE FOR THAT IS WHO HE IS AND WHERE HE IS ... and as people begin tapping more and more into His supernatural presence (which isn't happening much - hence the backlash) .... the genuine ones (ie chosen) will see WHO HE IS AND HEAR HIS VOICE ....

Outside of this understanding it is dead .... religion ... liturgy ... old... stale... passing away .... the opposite of Yahusha ... and He wants us to come out of everything old and see Him standing there in COMPLETE VICTORY, as the fulfilment and completion of it all ... all promises and covenants and sacrifices and priests and temples ..... ALL HIM NOW and we keep His Two Royal Laws of LOVE in the front of our mind at all times (on which hang all the torah and prophets) ... which is the true test of whether we are overcoming and maturing into Him or not .... HOW WE LOVE !

Yahusha knows who His true Bride is and He's working with them all globally ... and we are to hear His voice and relay just as He says it .... otherwise we go back into that spirit of Yisharal again (we must remember that its spirits in high places influencing all the groups etc) ... so for us here at The Behaviour Revolution, we don't want to be trouble or offensive to anyone, however we do understand that the message will indeed be received that way for that is the power of His double-edged sword dividing and conquering ... and i'm reminded of Yahusha telling the people that unless they "Eat My body and drink of My blood they have no part in Me" .... which greatly offended them and the majority left Him .... leaving those He'd chosen anyway ....

Be encouraged Dear Brother .... Yahusha is showing you a great many true things about Himself and is trusting you (as He is us) to relay them to our respective channels of influence .... so be strong mate ... He knows what He's doing in it all and He never let's us down <3 <3 <3

Mark ...