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Let's talk about the progression that we've been going through, transitioning through, from the Old Covenant right through to today, to where Yahusha wants us to come to. That's a progression, transitioning right through from the beginning of Scripture into our daily lives today and where Yahusha wants to bring us. He's looking at the MODULES and this is something new that we've just discovered.

The Modules are like the Shadows, like the Altar, like the Tabernacle, like all the different parts of the Tabernacle.

All the different acts and the prophecies that Yahuah took us through in the Old Covenant have been fulfilled by Yahusha and He has taken us and given this to us, because our body is the Tabernacle, and He's given us His spirit (a portion of Himself in us). So we need to know that the MODULES through every Scripture written down ... He's brought through into the New Covenant, where we come to realise that He wants us in the NEW TWO COMMANDS that He gave ... to Love Yahuah with all your heart, with all your being, WITH ALL YOUR SELF!! ... and to Love your neighbour as yourself, so we love Him and come to Him and know Him and get to know how Yahuah transformed and morphed into Yahusha and became a New Creation.

This is something that we need to know: WHO YAHUSHA IS! Who He is for us today. Bringing everything down into the practical, because it's all about our behaviour. And He wants us to come into knowing that it's all about LOVE. He gave the commands to Love Him with all our being, with all our heart, and with all our self. To love Him above everything and to love our neighbour! Who is our neighbour? To love anyone that we run into. To love your neighbour as yourself, to love the unlovely. And so the whole progression of Scripture is taking us all through and cleaning us out, showing us ourselves, dealing with the sin that's been in us. Going through all that and all the drama and the and the affects that Scripture has given us in ourselves to show us who we are and what we can be in Him.

And through the MODULE of the Altar, of the Tabernacle of the Ten Commandments (all the Commands) and the culmination of that, bringing it to Yahusha and how He walked on this earth. He taught His Disciples, He brought them out and showed them this NEW WAY! He's teaching us that all these fundamentals and first principles, we are to move on from, and know that He is in us. He will never leave us. He will never forsake us. He has given us this amazing understanding where the whole point of His Word is about LOVE. His whole point in Creation was about LOVE !!

He is the Creator and He wants a family who will love Him above everything, to put Him before everything. And when we do that and we've cleaned out ourselves and we’ve gotten over ourselves, we can see that the culmination and the ultimate is LOVE.

When love comes, everything else passes away. Everything else is just secondary. All the gifts and all the understandings, everything else passes away. When we come together in our Fellowship, we have this amazing supernatural presence where two or more gather together and Yahusha comes. And He is there amongst us, and He reveals Himself in so many ways. He reveals things to us. He reveals what we need to put off. He shows us and He gives us this most incredible feeling. Sometimes we can't even sing or play, because He touches us with His love and His presence and all the worries of the world go away.

Everything disperses at this time where we come together. And that's why the Fellowship and Assembly is so important, because we don't have this just amongst ourselves, because it doesn't come in the fullness! So get together .... it's so important to have this Fellowship, even if it's just with your husband or your wife or with children. Wherever you are, you can come together and have fellowship in your home. And when you have that fellowship, you can see and feel and experience amazing, wonderful, supernatural things that come from above.

It's just too hard to explain because His presence comes and you're just in awe. You're just overwhelmed. It's just out of this world and it's the most amazing feeling. Brothers and Sisters, to have that situation where we can join and be in His presence. And the ultimate, He says, is LOVE. You can love the unlovely! It's easy to love those that love you, He says. Love those that hate you and persecute you. And that's pretty hard. But we can get over all our judgments and all our opinions and our comparing and all those silly jealousies and upsetments - and He gives us a way to get through all that: REPENTING and just facing the truth about the thoughts that come to us, those demonic forces that come constantly over and over again against this.

But when love comes, everything else is secondary. Everything else runs away. And that's what Yahusha's come for. He said that you will know them by their love for one another. If we're not showing this love for each other, if we're not giving and expressing and having an incredible emotional understanding of expressing to others what He really is and Who He really is and what His presence does, Who Yahusha is in amongst us . . . !?

And He is LOVE. So if we can't express love for each other and for anyone around us and explain and share and express in words basically in our behaviour and just saying it in everyday language, how can people understand it? People are so traumatised today. They're so full of problems and so much anguish and anxiety going on in the world. The demonic forces are there, the pit has been open and people are just going mental. They're going crackers because they don't have the love and everyone is searching for the love. That's what Yahusha’s saying, to share the love don’t hold it and come back and keep it for yourself.

I've done that for many years and that's why I haven't had the flow, because I was just holding back and enjoying Yahusha for myself. And that's what people can do online. Just enjoy Yahusha for themselves and put out Scriptures. But THAT'S NOT THE LOVE! To share Him in your behaviour is the love. Share the love and show the love and express the love because Yahusha is all about LOVE. And that's what we can tell people. We don't have to give them all the doctrines of our belief and fill them up with all the understandings that we've gone through to get to where we are. That will come once they feel and experience Him. Because people, when they saw Yahusha and He looked in their eyes, they just melted. They just melted and just His is love penetrating through the darkness. And that's how we can reach people today. That's how we can reach the lost. Those poor people that are out there that have got no idea where to go, what to do. They've tried all the religions in the world and nothing works. They've been caught up in the demonic forces of religion and stuck in these sects and these different mindsets.

The mindset that Yahusha has is LOVE. His love is beyond understanding. It is amazing. It is the most amazing, unbelievable out of this world. Incredible, fabulous, exquisite, enormous feeling that we can have. Brothers and Sisters, this is available for us. Whatever's going on in your life, push it aside and go for the point of His existence, which is LOVE. Yahusha came - His whole existence was to love His people, to love them, and so that they could love Him back. And that portion we have in our hearts will grow and grow if we put it out, if we share it. Because if you give, if you're a giver of the love, if you're a sharer of love, if you understand people's anxiety, understand people's hurts and their worries and their problems, have understanding for what they're going through.

This world is just so wicked and full of rubbish. We know what's happening. We see it from our eyes. We hear on the news, we see what's going on in the world and it's just destroying everything. The earth is destroyed, everything's polluted, mankind's been polluted by all this horrific demonic playground that's carried on for centuries and getting worse and worse and worse till the last days. But now, if you can receive His love and know that if you get rid of all the stuff that's holding you back from giving love, sharing it, opening your heart and just sharing your heart and telling people THERE IS A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN GO FOR LOVE, where you can sit in and just feel Yahusha’s love. You can feel it. And once they've tasted it, once they've felt His love, you want to come back for more.

It's like an intoxicating drug. He is intoxicating. He is so amazing. He's set you free from every bondage. He's sets you free from every worry. He will give you a life more abundant. His life is so abundant, so full, so incredible and so fabulous to live with inside you and sharing it and giving someone else a hope that they can actually have this.... It's so wonderful.

I've watched my husband express himself and express Yahusha and be so demonstrative and so excited. And it's just infectious because he has shown people so much of Yahusha’s love over the years and has had a heart for people. And I've sat back and thought, yeah, I'd like to be able to do that and haven't gone in there, didn't go in there, held back and held back and thought, I don't want to make a fool of myself. I don't know all the answers. You don't need all the answers. All you have to do is share His love, clean yourself out, and then you can.

You're free to receive and share the love that Yahusha has - the MODULES that He has given us all through Scripture. Every jot and tittle and every area of Scripture that Yahusha has fulfilled in Himself and given to us fulfilling the Word, fulfilling our desires, fulfilling and giving us satisfaction in our lives, being satisfied, not having any wants and desires for anything of this world except for what He wants. And just showing people that there is a way out. There is a wonderful, wonderful place where you can meet Yahusha and be in His presence. And His presence is LOVE. That's what the world is looking for. And it's so lovely. It's so amazing.

Take this into your hearts, Brothers and Sisters, and just know that Yahusha is your way to loving, is your way out to receiving the most wonderful journey progressing through your life until He comes, which is shortly. He's got so much more for us if we're giving His love, if we're concerned and interested in other people. He has so much more for you than what you think and what you've heard and what you've been taught. The mindset of Yahusha is love. Take that in and really consider that you can come to this point in your life.

After all the studies and all the things you've been through and all the woes and worries and problems and everything, He wants us to just be filled up so that we can then share it to others, go out and share into the world for the poor people that are lost. They are totally lost and have no idea how demons are destroying them. This is His love, to overcome all the wickedness love covers. Love is kind, is patient. It's understanding love. His love will deliver people from the wickedness of this world.