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There is a conversation going on in the body; some are arguing and some are having an outright war!

Many people are believing that Yahuah became Yahusha, using the Scripture out of context (that the fullness of the godhead dwells bodily within Yahusha), declaring that Yahuah the father is still in Yahusha. Yahusha has told us that He is ONE, and many think that Yahuah and the Ruach are still in Yahusha, which is the reason we say its OUT OF CONTEXT, declaring through simple language that the three of them are in one body (called the 'Trinity-Doctrine', applied to Scripture through Christianity).

We have explained this on numerous occasions through Scripture which again is thrown back at us in that same childish mindset. We used the simple explanation from Creation of the metamorphosis from a caterpillar cocooning to a beautiful butterflY (which is a creative way to explain what Yahuah actually did when He became flesh). We said there was nothing left of the caterpillar when it turned into a butterfly. It became a totally different creature and we used this as an example of what Yahuah did when He morphed into flesh. Easy enough for even a child to understand. Many in the Hebrew-Movement declared us as blasphemous, new age teaching, wicked, insane (and as many other choice adjectives as you can imagine).

Yahusha told us to pick up our stake and follow Him in our journey of life, to attain Eternal Life. He explained that we have to die to our old sin-laden self, to change our behaviour from sin to righteousness, letting His love flow through us... healing and cleansing us. The body today certainly needs to enter this gate of change.

We need to read about the Tabernacle, the Temple, and the Feasts of Israel. So we have to journey through and understand how the Feasts associate with Temple-Worship and the Priesthood. Yahusha said .. 'the volume of the book speaks of Me'. Everything written in Scripture (every prophecy, the priesthood behaviour, even down to every nut and bolt in the Tabernacle/Temple) always points to Yahusha. Every part of every Feast points to Yahusha. They are all like shadows that teach us how to come into true worship of Alahim. When you follow the Shadow-Teachings and you come to WHO is casting those shadows, we have the fulfilment and IMAGE of Yahusha standing there. What a glory that is to discover!!

Our journey through the feasts (involving Temple-Worship) starts with PASSOVER and we learn that every part of the feast points to Yahusha the slain lamb. There are many other examples pointing us to recognise Yahusha and how to love and worship Him.

The next feast is PENTECOST, which also reveals Yahusha as our life giver and deliverer. Through repentance and immersion we receive the Ruach. This is where we understand Yahusha as Alahim and His transitioning. Many people get to this point and are persuaded to turned back to the idolatry of the shadow-teachings. This is where Yahusha said .."Woe to you Pharisees, hypocrites, you won’t go in yourself (accepting Yahusha as Alahim) but you stand in the way and stop those wanting to enter". The 'Yahuah-Only' Doctrine of Yisharal wants believers to have (exclusively) YAHUAH AS ALAHIM, stopping believers from entering Yahusha's Reign and be stuck in Shadow-Teachings.

On our journey of following Yahusha, we have to complete the Three Feasts by studying and learning how everything points to Yahusha our worship. You can’t go on to Tabernacles and complete your journey of the fulfilment (in your body) of the knowledge and joy and preparation for the wedding feast, unless you understand YAHUSHA IS ALAHIM!

On the Sixth-Day before His Millennial Reign starts, the Bride has to prepare herself by going through a metamorphic change from sin-behaviour to righteousness-behaviour. This is the preparation to her Wedding Feast. THERE MUST BE THAT CHANGE! Yahuah left His throne and morphed into flesh, creating a totally different being, not the image we’ve imagined as Yahuah on the Throne in Heaven. But now we have a NEW ALAHIM we can truly praise and worship and receive His wondrous love through the PORTAL IN OUR HEARTS. This comes with your change - your metamorphosis following Yahusha.

All these questions are being asked over and over again and we have the `so-called experts' telling us what Yahusha gave us for the Brothers & Sisters in the field - is not true. We all need to understand WHO and WHAT the fulfilment of Scripture is. I'm afraid the only way you can find these answers is by being in direct contact with the Spirit of Yahusha. So the question can only be answered through your own belief. I'm very sorry to say, if we can’t see that Yahusha is Alahim, then do we have the right Ruach within us?

Yisharal presents her `Yahuah-Only' Doctrine and explains Yahusha having only a minor role to Yahuah. We understand that Yahuah morphed away from Yisharal to set up a totally NEW REIGN with a New Covenant, a New Priesthood a New Temple which is our body!

Yahuah has hated the way Yisharal wants to worship Him (mixing idolatry with His Words). This is why Yahuah considers His Name no more, because it’s not the way He gave us to worship Him, but it's a mixed bag of confusion, and is obviously not the Spirit of Yahusha (but wicked spirit\s in high places controlling people and sending them out of the feast of Pentecost, back to Passover, worshiping shadows and an Old Covenant) - Back to the same way she worshipped at the time of her divorce, with the idolatry of the surrounding nations (mixing it with His Word) - Bringing everything back to physical temple-worship and not the worship of Yahusha. But Yahusha has a new and living way and said walk ye in it!

Hence we have this massive argument and confusion from carpet-baggers in their groups declaring the voice of Yahusha on earth when THEY HAVE NO AUTHORITY OR POWER IN THE SPIRITUAL REALM!! Remember your cocooning is about belief, which is hidden from the outside world, and is all within the heart. No one can do or say anything about your experience with Yahusha Himself through His Ruach. No one can change from sin to righteousness without the spirit of Yahusha within them. It is up to each and every believer to complete the journey through the Temple and its Feasts in their walk following Yahusha as He reveals His true identity to us. Changing (morphing) from one thing to another by behaviour !