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The Generations.

O.K. It is now seriously time to look at the Generations surrounding our lives; who they are, what their influence is and what they believe.

Most of us have had mother, father, sister, brother, uncles, aunts, grandparents and some have great grandparents. Our own parents and their siblings usually lived close to their parents and each other. This meant the children saw a lot of each other and did many things that families do together.

Sometimes there was religion in the family so there was always access to the Word, usually every household had a copy of Scripture in their libraries. There were quotes thrown around from Scripture in family dialogue, most households had a general knowledge of the Ten Commands from Sunday School Training.

I am mainly describing the Baby Boomer Generation here; those over 60 years old. You can see from the description above how this generation had let their guard down. They had let Turah and Yahusha slip from their lives. It only takes a short time of us not guarding the Word in our hearts for disaster to strike.

Those of you who are under 50 and still living today, should really thank Yahusha for your survival. If you look at what has happened to your generation and their children it is easy to see that most of your generation are living a most complicated and disturbing existence, simply because there is no Turah in their lives.

It is easy to see through Scripture that humanity is on the seashore of life floundering and gasping for their lives. They have no deliverance and nothing to bring life to them. All this has happened because one generation slipped, we must remember that the devil is wicked and evil, a trickster and a liar.

As a person from your previous generation, my wife and myself are getting ready to meet our maker. To us we are excited to take the journey into a new life that will last until eternity. This is a life without wickedness and chaos. But I must tell you we are having the most exciting life here also at the moment. Scripture says not to be too involved with yourself and not to lose your sense of humour.

We have always had an exciting life in Yahusha and have enjoyed our time working with our generation. There are many families and friends that know of our work and alot in your under 50's group. Instead of competing with your generation, why don't you all reach out more to them. We have been abused and cussed for speaking out, but you also see the amazing power of Yahusha changing lives.

I mean really when you stand back and look at the mess the devil is causing, throwing a bit of love in there can clog up the wheels of the unclean labourers. If you face that demons are totally real it helps so much to understand why things are the way they are.

Better still if you realise that Yahusha is really still alive, THAT even helps so much more. Lotzaluv.