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Religion Is Crumbling.

Modern Church & Christianity descended from the Roman Catholic Church. They will tell you they are not the same but they actually are if you take a look up close

(ie Trinity, Sunday etc) . . . BEHAVIOUR !

Christianity has done so much devastation and interfered with so many lives that it is so great to see the new movements coming along (ie Muslims, Gays, Rap Music) and getting their knickers in a twist!

It's all against Yahusha anyway. All religion and lawless behavior is an abomination to Him. Why be upset about it. I think it's very exciting because the closer society comes to being like Sodom and the days of Noach - the closer we get to His return.

Yahusha's Bride is protected and loved by her Bridegroom. Keep watch everyone. Let's see what He does next . . .

By Mark Davidson . ..