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IMMERSION - Mankind Has It Wrong!


ACTS 2:38......And Kefa said to them,"repent and let each one of you be immersed in the name of Yahusha Mashiak FOR THE FORGIVENESS OF SINS. And you shall receive the Ruach ha 'Qodesh". (this scripture is taken from the BYNV version,an interpretation for the new generation).

Now Brothers and Sisters how hard is this verse to understand i.e. everyone has to repent, YES! Then we get immersed in the name of Yahusha Mashiak (Messiah) to have their sins forgiven, YES! So that we can receive the Ruach ha 'Qodesh, (Set-Apart Spirit), YES ???

HOW HARD IS THIS TO UNDERSTAND? (Three very simple steps taken to be saved - To be washed in the cleansing blood of the lamb).

Here are the 3 steps:




(very simple).

Mankind have their reasons for not being obedient to this Scripture and will have no hesitation in telling you. You know the Scripture, Woe unto you hypocrites you stand in the doorway to stop those entering. The best way to be immersed without religious influence is to do it on your own, with your Maker. To miss this beautiful opportunity for the sake of having others around is slightly devastating.

Mankind has got it so wrong with Immersion !

- they do it to children (who can't understand).

- they have mass immersions with their idols.

- they declare that religious superiors must be present.- they say without religious supervision your immersion is invalid.

- they say you have to study first, then have a group immersion, then we lay hands on you to receive the "holy spirit" not the set-apart spirit. (this is a confusion).

- they demand that you be immersed in any other name than yahusha messiah. Religious mankind is certainly controlled by some hideous monster to make him lie so much.

The reason for our immersion or why we were told to do this ritual, has to do with our behaviour. We get immersed because we know that we have lost the battle of self control and realise we are being controlled by something hideous that we want out of vessel. This situation has to do with our hearts (hearts & mind are the one thing), an immersion can fix this problem by circumcising us from the power of evil. This means that we are giving our human vessel to our maker, to protect and own us, We then pledge our obedience to the Marriage Covenant (Ten Commands) forever. We have realised what salvation (deliverance) now really means. The promise of having our sins forgiven, being washed in His cleansing blood and receiving the Set-Apart Spirit of Yahusha which gives us the power to overcome the evil of this world. This is the promise and this is the deliverance.

Last week I convinced a brother that he needed to be immersed into the right name of Yahusha Messiah, which he did. The only thing he didn't realise was the fact his immersion was to be delivered from all his religious doctrines. Yes he was obedient to Scripture but I see him still preaching the same religious stuff. I believe in Heb 12: 5-11 which is called "THE TEST". This is where the Father personally visits us to discipline, flog and chastise us so we bear the fruits of righteousness through our behaviour. I pray that our brother reads this and will realise when the hand of his Maker moves on him that he will endure the test.

By Chris Hilton .. .