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Have We Come Home?

Dumpy dum de dumpy dum..............loved the singing and photography - just fab, but I want to cry when i see how teachers and (rabbis) have deluded these lovely young folk. After 2,000 years we have come home!!!! PLEASE.

We all know the New Yerushalayim will come down from the sky (Shamayim) where it was built by Messiah, when she (us), the New Yerushalayim returns to earth as His Bride. This is the city we are all waiting to be part of and live in eternally.

If I believed Israel (Yisharal) is where Messiah wanted my family to be, we would be there in a flash. We know the reapers will journey to the 4 corners of this earth to retrieve His Bride when Messiah appears. Nowhere in Scripture does Messiah tell us to gather in one nation.

Israel was divorced, punished and scattered into the nations because of her wickedness of mixing Turah with pagan idol worship - an abomination in the sight of the Father.

When Messiah was on earth He told us that His name means, "I am Yah, your deliverer," and no other name would give us salvation. Those who receive and are immersed into His Name, become citizens in the commonwealth of Yisharal. This is the New Yerushalayim and the Bride whom the reapers collect to the presence of Messiah upon His return.

Clearly the ingathering of the exiles is a bad context interpretation, because Messiah is the one who chooses His own wife, which He does in love and she responds in obedience to Turah. We should talk about this content often and have discussions about this understanding so we are not deceived like these lovely young folk.

By Chris Hilton . . .