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What is the Status Quo?

Brothers . . . !!

WHAT IS THE STATUS QUO ? ...............

status quo: noun - the existing state of affairs, especially regarding social or political issues. "they have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo."

What was the status quo in society when you were growing up ?

I was born in 1948, the 2nd World War had finished and it was called the time of the Baby-Boomers. It was a time of family growth for all nations. My parents grew up in the time of the roaring 20's with the bootleggers and the "charlston flappers." This generation were running from the Status Quo of the moralistic Victorian generation and its staunch correct social graces. People wanted to break out into what they called freedom. As a child I watched my family fight through this status quo and it's jitter-bugging with the big bands. I saw this generation trying to change the status quo, only to revert back into its shell of a version of Victorian morality, when the Catholic Invasion of the nations dominated a new revival of the religious status quo.

A rebellion sprung from this religious invasion called the swinging rock and roll of the 60's: Peace, Love, Pot, L.S.D etc, came soon after, which also tried to squash and change the status quo. Alas it died and became powerless. Today the 60's rebellion is mimicked by a few who try to live that reality through fashion, which only dominates their lives for a few years and peters out because of the status quo. RELIGION, POLITICS AND MONEY (BANKING) ARE NOW THE DOMINATE STATUS QUO, LAUNCHING EDUCATION AS THE NEW POWER TO CONTROL THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF THIS GENERATION.

I have watched the status quo terrorise and dominate the generations as they evolve and are defeated to slavery back into their box. Youth does not have enough experience in the field against these monsters controlling the status quo.

There is something more powerful to change the status quo which is called "THE 3 RULES." This mindset is put out by Behaviour Revolution and is the only simple system put out today available for free, that will give you back the freedom you lost in your own rebellion.

Brothers if you don't want to see your generation fail, take up the banner of a new behaviour and defeat the wickedness that has destroyed so many wonderful people. DID YOU EVEN KNOW ABOUT THE STATUS QUO ??.

By Chris Hilton . . .