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Prophetic Fulfillment.

BROTHERS & SISTERS !! The prophecy of Yirmeyahu 31:6 has started and is echoing to


For there shall be a Yom (day) when the Natsarim cry on Mount Afrayim, 'Arise, & let us go up to Tsiyon, to Yahuah our Alahim.' " O Yahuah, deliver your people ,the remnant of Yisharal.

Here we are told that there is a remnant which comes out of Yisharal and this remnant is obviously the Bride of Yahusha. There is going to be a great number of believers in Yisharal who will be deceived.

Checking the context from the surrounding chapters of this verse, we get the understanding that Yahuah is going to deal with the sin of His people which he sent into captivity. Yahuah said he would punish His people and in time they would be brought back together, where He would make everything wonderful again.

When Yahuah intervenes into humanity it is usually on a grand scale. Men try to mimic such things for their own purposes and there are many people moving from all nations to live in Israel these days, claiming that it is "GOD" telling them to do so. This movement on the global stage does not have the supernatural elements flowing into a prophetic fulfilment. We know that these people believe "God" is doing this work. We also know that the word "God" is usually a pagan sun deity and has nothing to do with our Alahim Yahuah. This makes the whole thing most dubious to accept as true.

Yahuah said He would bring His Remnant (Bride) together which will surely have its own supernatural component operating in some magnificent way. We had better beware of what men tell us in these last days; objectively the acceptance of the name "GOD" instead of "Yahuah" and the many other variations on Yahusha's Name is obviously a confusion from the enemy and could take away our salvation. The name Yahuah means "Yah is our deliverance," and it is the ONLY NAME THAT GIVES US ACCESS TO HIS PRESENCE AND GUIDANCE.

The importance of receiving the true names is what the Natsarim are crying from the mount of Afrayim to Yisharal today. DON'T BE DECEIVED.

By Chris Hilton . . .