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The Arena of Global Truth.


It is high time we stepped into "THE ARENA OF GLOBAL TRUTH." As you venture forward, arm yourselves with these informations given, such as the word "HOLY" and the word "SOUL." These lies are so wicked that they are stealing the salvation offered to humanity. Behaviour Revolution is standing on the truth without "FEAR," saying that the word "HOLY & SOUL," are non-existent in true Scripture interpretations and are from the evil one. If you agree with them it will take away your chance of deliverance.

As you enter the arena you will be confronted with all sorts of wild apparitions, men acting like wild animals towards you. Men protecting the lies from their doctrinal interpretations of Turah. They will lie about you, hate you and try to ruin your reputation. It is high time the enemy realises that we do not care about a reputation amongst them and will gladly rebuke their insolence.

B & S Turah tells us to be bold just as our saviour was. Our purpose is to reveal the TRUTH and not to worry about whose feelings are hurt in the body. The body is where all the action of removing the spots and wrinkles begins and this takes the element of fire (Ruach) to burn the wickedness from our behaviours. This means pain for us and when we put off what our saviour wants us to put off we will have His favour.

One of "The 3 Rules" and Turah says "DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING PERSONAL". This is a behaviour our Master wants us all to overcome and manifest instead of the "WEAKNESS OF CHARACTER," we see behaving itself in the Body today. It is time for all of us to grow up and be OBEDIENT to the Masters wishes.

BROTHERS & SISTERS Be not afraid and speak these truths in love, knowing that your onlookers will act in a disgusting manner to the truth you are sharing, but be bold, brave, trust your behaviour of loving kindness, and you will have victory through the Ruach.

By Chris Hilton . . .