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The Authentic Name of the Creator.


The Truth on the Authentic Name of the Creator seen expressed as YHWH

The four letters YOD-HAY-UAU-HAY are vowels. Yusef ben MattithYahu (aka Flavius Josephus) claims to have seen the headpiece worn by the Kohen ha'Gadol, and states the Name was written in four Hebrew vowels.

If one can say "Yahudah," YOD-HAY-UAU-DALETH-HAY, simply remove the D sound, and go with it. The prime minister NATHAN YAHU shares the three letters YOD-HAY-UAU (note there's no letter "double-U, W, in Hebrew), as does the prophet called "Isaiah", YASHA YAHU. The letters YAHU are the first 3 letters in "YAHUSHA" as well, YOD-HAY-UAU-SHIN-AYIN.

The Masoretes (masorah means tradition) worked for 500 years (600's through 1100's) to "bend" or "fix" the pronunciation of the language, inventing niqqud vowels to misdirect the utterance of words, primarily to distort the correct utterance of the Name, YAHUAH (ya-HOO-ah). Clement of Alexandria, a headmaster of the Catechetical School at Alexandria - the Didascalia, transliterated the Name Yahuah in the Greek letters as IAOUE, all vowels also. The shape we now see as "V" was the Latin sound we hear as "U", and they inherited the sound and V shape from the Greek UPSILON, which looked like this: Y. The shape Y in ancient Hebrew is the sixth letter of the Hebrew letters, not "waw", but UAU. The Greeks inherited their Upsilon form Hebrew. When the letter Upsilon (Y) went into Latin, the lower stem was dropped, an it was simply shaped V - and used in Latin words like GLADIVS - the V sounding like our letter U.

By Lew White