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Relationships as a Marriage.

Sisters . . .


Recently, new staff joined our team at the salon, and we see that the young ones have no idea how to behave in business or society. They are crushed, unloved and the parents haven't taught them basic rules of how to talk politely, serve, respect or respond. We began a session of teaching about relationships, as in a marriage: where we build on communication, trust, honesty, and caring for each other in a kind manner. This is starting to make an effect in their lives, as they've never heard of such understanding, to help mold them into productive workers for their future.

Looking at the topic of what we see in women's behaviour today, and comparing it to women in Turah, its a big contrast ..... We see that LADIES ARE LIBERATED TO THE EXTREME, WHERE THEIR OPINIONS, MINDSETS, BODIES, NAKEDNESS AND LANGUAGE ARE SO CRASS AND DISGUSTING, THAT SOME MEN AREN'T EVEN INTERESTED IN THE CHALLENGE ANYMORE!

How can anyone find the true morality, when religion is a mixture of truth and lies and founded on a pagan system from Babylon?

IF WE REALLY WANT THE TRUTH, ITS AVAILABLE, BUT have to seek it for yourself. No pastor/priest/guru is going to give it to you..

(they all want your offerings though).

We can easily come out, if we really want to... by repentance and immersion (in the True Name of the Saviour - YAHUSHA). It's done personally, following the 10 Commandments, resting on the Sabbath, reading the Turah, celebrating the Feasts, (Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles) and the promise of protection will be on your lives.

THIS JOURNEY IS A LIFELONG EXPERIENCE THAT CANNOT BE ACHIEVED INTELLECTUALLY. It is a relationship, like a marriage, with the creator YAHUAH, where every thought is to be captive to obedience...

2Cor 10:5..."overthrowing reasonings, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of Yahuah, taking captive every thought to make it obedient to the Mashiak". (Messiah)

Once you allow Yahuah to have control of your life, there is a great peace and calm, and He will kick out all malice and bitterness in you by applying Hebrews 12. You will be on an amazing journey, much more exciting than what this world offers.

By Victoria Hilton . . .