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What does Romanticise mean?



verb: romanticise deal with or describe in an idealized or unrealistic fashion; make (something) seem better or more appealing than it really is. "the tendency to romanticize non-industrial societies"

The history of this worlds societies and religions have been romanticised by the intellectual intelligencia, throughout the ages. The highest accolade considered today, is education. Thousands are flocking to the best institutions to formalise their mindsets with the solid stronghold of carnal indoctrination. I.E. the so-called facts of man's aspirations of how history has looked to the conquerors, who actually have written and romanced history itself.

Those paying a small fortune to be educated in these principles are not receiving full realistic truth, but romanced versions of a zodiac calendar event system mixed with Hebrew and Christian religious mindsets, which are totally unrealistic.

Therefore the greatest education the world offers today is not a truthful one. This romanticising starts when we are young, with all the fairy tales and the false zodiac annual event systems. Following Yahusha is not a religion and He does not advocate "churches, temples or synagogues, with men ruling congregations such as pastors priests or rabbis."

YAHUSHA OFFERS A REAL ROMANCE OF LOVE WITH HIS BRIDE, WHICH IS A COMPLETELY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. This experience has nothing to do with this world's education system, which cannot be mixed with Turah instruction. If men do this they are wanting to draw you into religious fantasy. YAHUSHA IS EASY TO FIND AND MEET and this can only be done through His Name and immersion, then following Turah through the guidance of the Set-Apart Spirit through obedience to the instructions of Turah. This will clear the unclean mindset and set us free from romanticised education. Unless we have this experience we will never know eternity or the real love Yahusha has for His bride.

Behaving Turah through the spirit is the only truthful experience you can have in life. Without the Ruach you can see or know nothing.

By Chris Hilton . . .