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It Is Passover.



At this time of year we are to prepare ourselves and our homes, by cleaning out all yeast from our closets. Yeast is a symbol of sin and we are meant to be literal in our behaviour, whilst confessing the offences we hold in our hearts. Our hearts and minds can hold things that are not Turah and usually at this time of year Yahusha comes to us with a bit more intensity, as He does a spring cleaning through our vessel making us aware of the feast.

Yahusha has been talking about 2 Tim 2:4 a lot this year and how not to bring in amongst believers the "AFFAIRS OF THIS LIFE," and mixing them with Turah instruction. Yahusha has said on numerous occasions that he wants us Set-Apart from this behaviour. Below we have a discussion from a post.

Eliyahu HaNasi Ben-Tsadoq: Okay let's recap. The United States fires 59 or 60 missiles at a base in Syria. Russia sends a war vessel into the Mediterranean and it approaches our destroyers. Meanwhile, Neil Gorsuch is confirmed to the Supreme Court. All this is happening right around the Passover. Are you with me so far? Now what?

Chris Hilton: This is now what !! It is time to look at 2Tim 2:4 in context of the whole chapter. We are not to be involved in the affairs of this life, in actual fact this is exactly what we are to be Set-Apart from. Here we have you mixing Turah with the Affairs of this Life. Passover is for believers only and you are bringing this dialogue into our sacred feast PLEEEEASEEEE.

Matt 18:20 "For where 2 or 3 are gathered together in My Name,there I am in the midst".

Brothers & sisters as we gather together this Passover just remember Yahusha's repeated request to us, to stay out of the "Worldly Affairs of this Life," and don't mix them with the Turah. Yahusha is following His prophesied plan and is right on time. If you notice that you get a shove from the spirit every time you start hovering over the worldly affairs, Yahusha wants you to move on with what He is doing in your's and other's lives, because He loves you.

By Chris Hilton . . .