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Save the Rainbow?


Below we can see how she feels about what she is experiencing on earth. I have no judgement but I just wish that more of us could be further along than this and that we could see the issues as a reality.

Our sister says: "This is what they think of our precious covenant. Please, those who are called out ones, help me establish the fact that the rainbow is ours. It's for their understanding as well. It is a sign that they need to repent and turn from their wicked vile affections. The scriptures are good for reproofing in righteousness. So be it".

Chris Hilton:

Dear Sister we are living in the last days, the same as it was in Noak's time and the Nephillim were having sex with everyone and also every animal, until there was only Noak and his family left that had the bloodline of Adam. This is why they were chosen for the new world. Ha Shatan always does the same stupid things and he is re-living the days of Noak again in our time, through the minds and hearts of those he has in his sin-captivity. Yahusha knows the filth of sin and what it does to His creation. That is why His name means "I AM YOUR DELIVERER."

Those who are of the BRIDEGROOM are not worried about what the world does with the things of Yahuah because they know they are the wheat hidden amongst the weeds. The BRIDE knows that Satan is wandering the earth seeking to destroy and devour her but Yahusha has her hidden in the BEHAVIOUR of the religious. Yahusha is choosing His Bride through the parable of the workmen in the field, as He goes forth at different hours to bring them into His field to work. The last get paid first and the same amount of money, as those who came in at the beginning of the day. Obviously those who grumble are weeds and get cast away. Yahusha is working with His bride, loving her, encouraging her, wooing her away from the world, so that she can be overwhelmed with just Him alone. She can then see the creation apart from Him and be free enough to adore Him from a free will and not the world. This is the true heart of the bride. Yahusha is therefore not really worried about what the world is doing with his creation or how they play with the Turah. Our fight is not with such things as what the gays are doing, it is pretty obvious the road they have chosen, remember our fight is not with the world but with spiritual powers. Spirits gloat at the control they have overmankind, but are horrified when they cannot control the Bride that is why they are hunting the bride to destroy her.

SISTER DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT GETTING A GROUP OF PEOPLE TOGETHER WILL SLAY THIS MOVEMENT ? Yahusha knows what is going on and has everything in His hands - His main concern is the love of His bride to be.

By Chris Hilton . . .