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The Truth about History.

Today history plays a massive role in our lives, much more than we realise. There is world history, religious history, corporate history, banking and political history, even our own personal histories. So on and on it goes, there is a history for all the goings on of the activities of mankind. Everything is recorded and collected for posterity, (they think). Any investment or venture you wish to undertake, the history of the situation must be researched and those involved must be accommodated for. The history we have been given in our schooling days is actually flawed and manipulated, the so called historic events recorded and delivered to us were chosen from an array of events that suited the purpose of those leading the nations at that time. These leaders wanted to guide the populations into a certain mindset of acknowledgement of their superiority to the common man, hence making a distinction between the wealthy and the laity, which is still happening today. The wealthy class still rule keeping the rest of society subordinate and paying them taxes. This is a form of slavery which is unbeknown to the average person.

Bringing such a situation to the light is a difficult process due to the brain-washing of the false history from the wealthy and mainly because of peoples egos, we are conditioned to think we are free and happy with our pittance. You of course know my generation "The Baby Boomers,” they are all retiring these days and the majority are finding they were deceived by the system during their working life, they have found themselves without enough funds for retirement and they have to continue working to survive. Of course this situation is dangerous to the mental health of this generation who are collapsing under the systems pressure, many are turning to medications to keep their sanity they are finding difficulties with their meds and the side-effects are increasingly damaging their health. Any extra savings are used for operations and failing body parts because society says we should be in better condition, but does society really care ?

Being involved with the study of our global history in one form or another for the last 60 years I have come to believe it is appropriate by Yahusha to have no religious affiliation whatsoever. People who are pushing their religious rights to be heard, are nothing but trouble. We believe Yahusha draws every person to Himself, sometimes He uses us to direct the applicant to immersion where Yahusha enters and circumcises the heart, as he reads and applies the Turah - Yahusha will be the personal trainer guiding the applicant to behaving the fruits of righteousness, to become perfect/mature. This relationship has nothing to do with religion or the self righteousness of men - they have no say in these actions or righteous behaviour. The Bride relationship will not and cannot have anything to do with the flawed and corrupt systems of men which are unclean. This Set-Apart situation is not of the world and a person can only become part of the Bride through personal invitation and obedience.

By Chris Hilton . . .