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Hidden Amongst the Wheat

Breaking away from all worldliness and religion with their patterns of behaviour and traditions is a wonderful relief. True and good behaviour is called "The Fruit of the Ruach" i.e. LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, TRUSTWORTHINESS, GENTLENESS & SELF-CONTROL.

When bringing these behaviours into one's life, the Scriptures tell us there is no ruach (law) against these behaviours. This means you will win against the enemy in every situation by understanding how to behave these fruits - TRULY THE WHOLE TURAH TEACHES US ABOUT OUR BEHAVIOUR - that’s if you want it, but many are playing at religious behaviour, trying to choke the truth of Turah with lies i.e. bad behaviour.

These statements bring us to what Yahusha said in Matthew 13 about what type of soil the seed lands in (meaning the heart). Some of the seed fell by the wayside and the birds ate it, others fell on rocky places and sprang up quickly but died because there was no root, others fell among thorns which choked them and others fell on good soil and yielded a crop. Look up this chapter for what these statements mean.

Verse 24-30 in Matt 13 is another parable about the sower of the seed and how an enemy sowed darnel amongst the wheat during the night while men slept. The men were upset and asked should they pull up the darnel but were told to wait till the harvest, so as to not disturb the wheat. There are many things being said in this chapter all of which are mainly instruction on how to behave. On this journey it is good to understand exactly what darnel really is:

Here we can see the difference between the wheat and the darnel (tares). It is interesting to note that the french word for darnel means INTOXICATED which expresses the drunken nausea from eating the infected plant, which can be fatal. It also means drunk. Another interesting point is in the literary references where the ancient greek botanist said that wheat can transform into darnel, since fields sown of wheat are often darnel when reaped. Above there is other information worth gleaning. We can see from the quoted Scriptures that THE DARNEL IS PLANTED AMONGST THE WHEAT AND IS POISONOUS, LETTING OFF A NOXIOUS GAS THAT CAN SUFFOCATE THE WHEAT. We understand from the parable of the ten maidens five were wise and five were foolish, and they too were banded together until the separation as in the wheat and the tares at harvest time.

Obviously the snake in the field is the darnel trying to strangle the wheat from bearing fruit. As we know, the wheat is humble and bows to the Master's will in its behaviour. Behaviour of the fruits of righteousness is the thing religion overlooks today as does the world, or could we say they are trying to choke and poison the truth by darnelising it.

Getting back to the point:


Why would Yahusha plant us with wickedness and deception as in the darnel ? The same as why He sent us out as sheep amongst the wolves, our behaviour is the power that overcomes all obstacles. So here we are planted amongst the darnel, we seem to the secular and religious mind as just another cult, with an agenda. If you realise this, that our behaviour has no law against it, you can come in and out from amongst the tares being used to spread the truth, bearing different amounts of fruit, seeing those snapped up for the kingdom (reign of Yahuah).

Always remember that many of those who were called have been turned into darnel,we know this by their behaviour. The sad thing is that they will not realise this before it is too late and the door is shut, even to the knocking on the door. Beware of that strangling snake amongst the wheat which wants to get us in an intoxicated state, suffering bad behaviour, which is misery. SEE THE SNAKE IN THE TITLE ABOVE !!