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The Ten Commandments.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS ............. Many things today have been written about the T.C. that they have been made confusing to understand. This is why it is so refreshing to go to the newer versions, where all confusion has been eliminated in the translations/transliterations. The T.C. is all about "LOVE," everyone loves love and wants to be in it, or around it. The T.C. show us how to behave love. We can know the words of the T.C, but cannot actually perform the behaviour of love without the indwelling of the Ruach ha 'Qodesh. If we read the story of the life of Moshe we see the incredible miracles that were build up to activate the deliverance of the people of Israel from Egypt (which were about 3,000,000 in number). Israel, being led by a pillar of fire at night and a pillar of cloud during the day (The Presence of Yahuah), they crossed the Red Sea as it opened up before them and were eventually bought to the Mountain of Yahuah. The mountain of Yahuah is where Moshe received the T.C. He was told to tell Israel that He wanted her to be His bride and that these are the Wedding Vows he wanted her to behave and live by for her own safety. Israel had to prove her love for Yahuah by their wilderness walk of 40 years, only 2 men were accepted out of 3,000,000. It is a similar situation the bride (Yisharal) is in today, those who choose to follow the T.C will know the mind and love of Yahuah/Yahusha. It is all written in the new translations so no one can say they didn't know. THE CHOICE IS OURS, THERE IS NO NEED FOR ARGUMENT. After all the trouble Yahuah went to, to show His love for Israel, we can surely see from this His promise to us of love and protection. Once we accept the invitation we will be walking in the miraculous. If this is not happening in our own lives, we need to check our commitment. T.C. no 3 says: “YOU DO NOT CAST THE NAME OF YAHUAH YOUR ALAHIM TO RUIN”. We have made up our minds, and we have no argument with this instruction for entry into the Bride Company. HALLELUYAH HE IS COMING SOON, HE WANTS TO SEE OUR BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS HIS WORD.

By Christopher Hilton . . .