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I Do Not Change.

“FOR I AM YAHUAH, I CHANGE NOT, AND YOU, O' SONS OF YAAQOB, SHALL NOT COME TO AN END” Malaki 3:6 (other versions say ‘therefore you are not consumed!”) If you read this whole chapter Yahuah explains all the ways mankind is disobeying Him. OUR CREATOR’S DESIRE, CHARACTER, INSTRUCTIONS AND WORDS (DEFINING WHAT IS GOOD AND EVIL) HAVE NEVER CHANGED ...... EVER!! . . . . . He still feels exactly the same today about disobedience and obedience as He did in the Garden. He made us IN HIS IMAGE, designed us with a spiritual awareness that needs fulfilling and gave us a shared ESSENCE with Him (His spirit/ruach). That means we know how He feels about things and just as we chastise and punish our own children for disobedience and are so overjoyed, happy, proud and full of praise and rewards when they behave and do as they're told and instructed - YAHUSHA IS THE SAME. "But no one is perfect, and we never will be" -----excuse!! YAHUSHA'S BRIDE IS BEING PERFECTED THROUGH ALL HER TRIALS AND PRESSURES and being redeemed through the practising of the 7 Redemptive Feasts - SO SHE BRINGS FORTH THE RIGHT BEHAVIOUR FOR HER BRIDEGROOM . . . Our good behaviour is not what ever delivered us, NO....only Yahusha’s love and sacrifice on the torture stake made that posssible, HE DELIVERED US WHILE WE WERE FILTHY SINNERS!! - but our natural response of love and gratefulness for being dragged out of the gutter, renewed and adopted into royalty - is to want to DO WHAT PLEASES YAHUSHA, obey what He says, behave as He desires . . . OUT OF LOVE . . . This is what sets the Bride apart - HER LOVE FOR HER BRIDEGROOM AND EACH OTHER. What Yahusha hated in the garden, at Sodom, at Sinai, through His prophets, and in Jerusalem when He walked the earth- HE STILL HATES TODAY!! The astrology, the sun-worship, the tree-worship, day of birth worship, queen of heaven worship, the mother nature worship, and of course the worship of self and mankind - and many other evil traditions of this beast system we live in - especially the height of rudeness to completely ignore His true Name and be called whatever WE choose. The Everlasting Covenant given to Mushah at Sinai has NEVER changed for it defines what sin and lawlessness truly is. WHAT WAS EVIL THEN IS STILL EVIL TODAY. Now throughout history we had the ‘jewish’ authorities thinking they know better and declare that Yahuah’s Name was far too important to be spoken out loud so they banned it, (breaking the 3rd Command), casting it to ruin and adding all sorts of wacky worldly traditions to the living Word. Then we've had the early church fathers decide that they knew better and made the ‘old’ covenants void, replacing all the blessings promised to Yisharal to the Christian Church - usurping authority as the ‘voice of the creator’ on this earth (replacement theology). Then Emperor Constantine decreed that resting on the 7th Day Shabath was illegal and all work must cease on the Day of the Sun-Diety Mithras (Sunday) - Destroying the 4th Command. Now add hundreds more warped mindsets and religious doctrines we see in the world over the last thousand years and we arrive at the lawless, violent, depraved behavioral climate of today. BUT YAHUSHA NEVER CHANGED!! He urges us to return to the ancient paths. He never abolished or made void any of His instructions given to Mushah or the prophets - His life fulfilled every single one of them, with split-hair accuracy!! His death on the torture stake allowed Him to reconnect and refresh the wedding vows of betrothal that were formed at Sinai - now writing them on hearts instead of tablets of stone. The promises and blessings still stand today, as do the curses for disobedience - but we now have a portion of Yahusha’s essence and personality living inside us just as Adam and Kuah did in the garden, giving us power to overcome the evil in this world and prepare ourselves for His soon return, getting rid of all our spots and wrinkles because we love Him so much . . . THERE IS NO OLD WAY AND NEW WAY, OLD TESTAMENT AND NEW TESTAMENT, OLD COVENANTS AND NEW COVENANTS - THAT IS ALL MAN-MADE - THERE IS ONLY YAHUAH/YAHUSHA'S WAY . . . that is if we want real deliverance . . . it's all our choice . . . IT IS SUCH AN AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL THING THAT YAHUSHA DOES NOT CHANGE (no matter what is slithering around in the world's politics and religions) because given the sort of behaviour i've had in my life (right in His face), I would definitely be consumed if not for His forgiveness and loving-kindness . . . and I can't wait to see that sun go dark and the moon glow blood-red . . . and see with my own eyes, the return of my King!! Tell me something better than that to live for? Praise Yahusha!! By Mark Davidson