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The Affairs of this Life.

2nd TIMOTHY 2:5 ........................... "AND IF ANYONE COMPETES IN A GAME, HE IS NOT CROWNED UNLESS HE COMPETES ACCORDING TO THE RULES". What does this statement really mean, what is the game and what are the rules ? This statement is talking about our behaviour before Yahusha, as most Scripture does. Only this Scripture is most definitely pointing to the rules, to find them we must look at the "CONTEXT" of this chapter. We find our answers in Verse 4 which gives us the context: “NO ONE SERVING AS A SOLDIER GETS INVOLVED IN THE AFFAIRS OF THIS LIFE, IN ORDER TO PLEASE HIM WHO ENLISTED HIM AS A SOLDIER”. HOW OBEDIENT SHOULD WE BE WITH OUR BEHAVIOUR IN FRONT OF THIS WORLD, WITH THE TURAH INSTRUCTION ? Here is another interpretation of this verse, Weymouth New Testament: “Every one who serves as a soldier keeps himself from becoming entangled in the world's business--so that he may satisfy the officer who enlisted him”. Affairs of this life, or becoming entangled in the worlds business, “what do these statements actually mean"? Seems to me that Yahusha wants us not to be involved in the worlds affairs or business. "This is the RULE," The GAME is not to be caught or you loose the crown. WHAT CAN YOU SEE ARE THE AFFAIRS OR BUSINESS OF THIS WORLD THAT YAHUSHA WANTS US TO TURN AWAY FROM ON THIS LIST? CAN YOU ADD SOME MORE? 1.POLITICS. 2.MAZAROTH (zodiac calendar event systems) 3.RELIGION 4.DISHONEST COMMERCE & BANKING DEALINGS 5.PSYCHOLOGY/PSYCHIATRY (the new priesthood of the evil one) IF WE WERE ALL OBEDIENT TO THIS INSTRUCTION, IMAGINE THE POWER THAT WOULD BE RELEASED AGAINST THE ENEMY.

By Christopher Hilton.....