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The Sin in this World.

THE SIN IN THIS WORLD IS TOO GREAT NOT TO GO UNPUNISHED........... Besides Matt 24 and His end time prophecy upon us, fightings in the nations and the violence of the days of Noah is rampant. Death, disease, famine, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, messing with genetics, and so the list goes on and on. We have brought this upon ourselves and are now cursed, all the dreadful tragic things happening to our families are because of how we live and what we worship. Ignoring the Messiah and His covenant is a disgrace, living how we want to has defiled the lands and the peoples. If our families had taken more heed to the Turah we would all be so much happier and healthier. But as it is there are multiple thousands dying every minute. Our Creator is alive and contactable outside of religion. Today He is still doing all the healings and miracles He showed us when He was on earth. Of course He now does all this according to our belief. It is not too late to become part of the Bride of Yahusha and prepare for His second coming as promised. We can make it to eternal life to be with Him for eternity. Can hardly wait.

By Christopher Hilton....