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What is a Mindset?



("the region seems stuck in a medieval mindset.")

AGAIN THEN...... WHAT IS ATTITUDE ? attitude: noun 1. a settled way of thinking or feeling about something. "he was questioned on his attitude to South Africa" synonyms: point of view, view, viewpoint, vantage point, frame of mind, way of thinking, way of looking at things, school of thought, outlook, angle, slant, perspective, reaction, stance, standpoint, position, inclination, orientation, approach; opinion, ideas, belief, convictions, feelings, sentiments, persuasion, thoughts, thinking, interpretation "you seem oddly ambivalent in your attitude" 2. NORTH AMERICAN informal truculent or uncooperative behaviour. "I asked the waiter for a clean fork and all I got was attitude" The waiter with an attitude is the perfect expression of the negative side of attitude.But, Oh! how delightful, is it to sit across from someone who understands the positive side of attitude.This person shows the love & understanding of agreement ,with patience.Such a delight. "RELIGION IS A MINDSET." AND HAS NO UNDERSTANDING OF THE POSITIVE SIDE OF AGREEMENT. Religion is man-made, having it's own agenda. True believers are not religious, and don't do religious things. Man on earth has gathered for himself his own mindset, usually it is the accomplishments of his own progenies (past and present). Men spar with worldly knowledge for supremacy among themselves. True knowledge is held back from these beasts by Yahuah and cannot be obtained, except through repentance. The things of Yahuah are not for the unregenerate. Man tries to free himself from the mindset he has formed within which drives him to self-loathing, because he cannot control himself. The attitudes of our mindsets are cursed by our Creator if we ignore Him and His instructions, whilst living on His Creation (this earth) which is a fitting punishment for the display of such ignorance. Yahuah does not mind if we walk around like we own this place, do and say what we want, but we just better beware that there are consequences for such behaviour. Today there are thousands and millions of cursed men and women behaving the mindset they want. This behaviour has not only brought curses upon themselves but on the land, ignoring "THE ONE OF LOVE," with His instruction for life eternal. This non-acceptance of Yahusha and the sin of man is bringing a cursed land upon us all - we are seeing the many many disasters this behaviour brings upon our nations. All religions are the cause of the land systemic activities and disasters. BEHAVIOUR OF THE TURAH IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR OUR OWN SAFETY IN THESE PERILOUS TIMES.

By Christopher Hilton . . .