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How Can I Be Angry & Not Sin?

HOW CAN I BE ANGRY & NOT SIN ?? If you read this whole chapter of Eph4 you will see Yahusha begin by telling us to SUFFER and BEAR WITH one another, encourage each other along and respect the gifts and personalities that He has given to help train the body (let someone “have it” if they have a gift or a word to say to uplift us all - everything good is from Yahusha and for HIS body - we can claim nothing for ourself even if we were the donkey who’s hand He used to hear and type it or say it!) . . . Then He explains to us that the mindset of the world is darkened, futile and their hearts are hard, greedy, unclean and callous - (everything we’ve all been but under the discipline and training of Messiah Himself - we are overcoming and choosing not to be) . . . then we come to this: EPHESIANS 4:25: ”Therefore, having put off the false, speak Truth, each one with his neighbour, for we are family members of one another. 26“Be angry, but do not sin.” Do not let the sun go down on your rage, 27 nor give place to the devil”. Now what does the behaviour of someone righteously angry yet not sinning look like? Firstly to even bother giving yourself the right to be angry with another would mean you’re choosing not to let them have it, and have taken it on yourself to personally show them through your behaviour or words that YOU ARE ANGRY and they should damn well notice and get into line and make some changes OR ELSE!! . . . Judgements are involved, you’ve taken personally what they’ve said and you’ve suffered for long enough - NO, it’s time they understand everything I have done for them, and that I’m hurt and that THEY should bow down and recognise MY efforts and My sufferings BECAUSE OF THEM !!! . . . now how many of you out there think you will get a savoury, constructive response from this sort of behaviour (even if Scripturally you believe you’re right)?? . . . do you think YOU can make someone repent, wake-up, see that they're insane and fight to change?? Obviously i’m talking about adults and marriage here because naturally with young children, you need to put on an angry, loud voice at times to get their attention and obedience, but it’s not the same sort of jaded, deep-seated anger and judgement that (if unchecked) leads to bitterness and hatred (giving a place to the devil, who wants to destroy every marriage and good thing in our lives) . . . if you let the sun go down on your anger, you wake up with it and the devil has a little piece of you that he's planning on increasing real fast!! We must daily walk a tightrope and balance our desire to tell someone off because they have wronged us, with the understanding that no amount of song or dance or screaming or tutu tantrumming will change another human being’s mind about anything. The only One who can change a person is Yahusha, so it’s best to face the physical, mental, spiritual state that a person is in and (as the rules say) Let them have it, don’t take their ignorant behaviour and treatment of you personally and definitely don't make excuses for them or yourself (face the truth) . . . IF and only IF you do this you will witness Yahusha flogging them, chastising them, discipling them and rebuking them (whether they admit it or not you can see it with your own eyes His workings in them) . . . love those who spitefully show you hatred and harshness and you will see Yahusha dropping hot coals on their head and on their life. This is how you fulfil this text through your behaviour, being angry at someone without allowing your behaviour to go to the place of rage. Occassionally Yahusha will tap you on the shoulder and tell you that you've suffered enough and now something must be said, but most of the time you are to get on with what He has given YOU to do today, put your head down into your own work and routine, live a QUIET life and mind your own business - get back to the overcoming that YOU need to do so that YOU can be ready for the Wedding Feast . . . YOU CAN DO IT !!! Or do you think you can get the job done better through your angry behaviour??

By Mark Davidson