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Lest We Forget.

LEST WE FORGET...........

Today in the land of OZ is "remembrance day" and virtually the whole nation will be sun-worshiping at the dawn service, commemorating the dead, even though Turah tells us, "to do this is an abomination," for doing this and other behaviours our nation has cursed itself, it's land and it's children. When the higher authority says "DON'T GLORIFY, WORSHIP OR HONOR THE DEAD," then I am obedient to His desire. He died a cruel death on the stake to set me free from these RELIGIOUS PRACTICES and to give me eternal life. It is through Him that we can enjoy the lives we live today. There have been many wars that men have fought since He was here, but still His words ring over the ages, "DO NOT WORSHIP THE DEAD."

How many men refuse this and have their own ways? Have a really good look and see what this has cost the generations following and yet they demand us to worship at their shrine. I would rather listen and do what our Creator says, than go along with what man's plans for me are. This programme has turned into a full blown religion and it always has been, pagans used to worship the sunrise. I don't have to do this and I won't - I refuse to worship the dead when I have a living Messiah to worship. Just look at what is happening globally because of our worship practices; the land and the people are under the curse of disobedience.

By Christopher Hilton . . .