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Mercury Rising

There has been more natural disasters and plagues on this earth in the last hundred years than all of human history combined. Does it sound like the end of all flesh may be upon us; that Yahusha may be knocking on the dimensional doorway ready to peal it open like a scroll and usher in the final shofar of exciting events that await us? Down here in Australia, one state is having flash-floods, another has devastating bush fires raging through and we up here in FNQ are in a drought enduring the biggest heatwave recorded, and that's just our country. There are wars, famines, earthquakes, tsunamis, sink-holes, etc etc happening globally everyday!!!

After putting all the kids to bed last night, Therase and I laid down and flicked the channels over to this wonderful documentary on the band Queen. Having never been much a fan of their music I found it absolutely fascinating to watch their raw-talent and their unique process of song-writing and the revolutionary, ground-breaking strides they made in multi-layer vocal recording to create such big orchestral and choiral sounds.

I'd forgotten just how many songs that I like were actually Queen songs and to see these young boys start from nowhere and then rise to be the biggest band in the world in the early 80's (and the coinciding change in their behaviour too) was very revealing of the system we live in. I'd heard about what transpired with Freddie Mercury (their charismatic-genius lead singer), but I stayed awake til the end of the doco cause I wanted to actaully see what happened before his death and and I was completely shocked and filled with sadness at what I saw. This incredible voice and personality and incredible talent was swept into every form of promiscuity, idolatry, indulgence and depravity that the system could provide at that time and Freddie took pride in celebrating it, flaunting it and living it all, with everyone.

Of course as we all know he went from one of the best performers in the world and (like so many) was cut down in his prime by the consequences of his sinful behaviour (in this case AIDS). Watching his final days as he continued to record snippets of singing for the band, from his death-bed, knowing he would never hear

any of the finished songs, was just devastating and I actually woke up a few times during the night with the haunting image of his frail skeletal face in my mind. It was very sad that someone who had touched so many lives and hearts with his amazing voice, never got to meet Yahusha, or be set free from all the entrapments the world had captured him in, chewed him up and ultimately destroyed him.

Give this doco a watch - you'll enjoy it . . it's a great reminder of what curses and consequences surround us outside the boundaries of the path we walk on, outside of the protection Yahusha provides in His Turah Zone . . stay strong and watch brothers and sisters, fire is coming soon

. . . . . THE MERCURY IS RISING . . !

By Mark Davidson