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Statement of Beliefs.

If we don’t build our lives on the right foundation of truth, we will faint and be rendered useless due to a lack of power for overcoming the evil in this world.

1. Read the BYNV. The ‘Besorah of Yahusha Natsarim Version’ is the most accurate translation/transliteration of the original ancient Hebrew Scriptures (called ‘Turah’ in Hebrew, meaning ‘instruction’). This version of all 66 Books is completely refreshing and makes reading and studying a joy, having been interpreted by a Ruach (spirit)-filled believer. Get a copy from Amazon.

2. Behavioural Manual. The Turah is a message of our Creator’s amazing love for His creation and it teaches us how to behave (real worship is behaviour) while on this earth.

3. Correct Context. The Good News (Besorah) of Turah is hidden to the world and it’s true meaning can only be understood by the Ruach (the Father & Son) living inside us and must be read IN CORRECT CONTEXT for its power to be effective and relevant. Correct interpretation brings LIFE resulting in obedient, overcoming (loving) behaviour, while incorrect interpretation brings DEATH resulting in lawless, religious, freaky-false behaviour.

4. The Only Saving Name. The Creator’s True Name is the KEY OF ALL KNOWLEDGE and opens the only DOORWAY TO DELIVERANCE. Our Father put on flesh, became a man through virgin birth and as the Son (our Messiah) Himself became the only doorway to deliverance through His broken body and shed blood on the TORTURE STAKE for us (not a cross). Only by believing and receiving the true Names of the Father and Son can we experience the relief and cleansing of deliverance within us, to feel the living Word (Messiah Himself) wash us so that we can love Him and follow Him.

The true Name of the Father is YAHUAH (meaning I Am, I Was, I Will Be) . . . and The true Name of the Messiah is YAHUSHA

(meaning Yahuah is our Deliverance).

5. The Father and the Son are ONE. (No Trinity or duality). The Son is the physical representation of the Father in the flesh, Who sacrificed Himself as a spotless lamb for us in order to bridge the gap between mankind and its Creator by His perfect blood. His first appearance on earth was as a suffering servant and His second appearance will be to gather His chosen Bride to Himself and cleanse the rest of the world with fire. There are not 2, or 3 or 5 or 8 beings. YAHUAH & YAHUSHA ARE ONE and in the end we will only see our MESSIAH YAHUSHA.

6. Repentance. To become Yahusha’s chosen Bride a person must feel drawn and awakened by the Words and love of the Father and convicted in themselves of the lawless lifestyle they have lived, disobedient to His Instructions and outside of His Marriage Covenant. They feel sorrow and anguish, knowing that evil has been controlling them and they cry out to be set free from Yahusha. This is called REPENTANCE and it means to turn around and go in another direction.

7. Immersion. After repentance a person must be IMMERSED IN THE NAME OF YAHUSHA, fully submerged in water as a sign of a good conscience. Upon this supernatural act of obedience they are sealed on their foreheads with the Name of Yahusha and engrafted into the true vine (Yahusha), new citizens of Yisharal His Bride.

8. The Bride. Yahusha’s people (originally called 'Natsarim') are likened to a Bride who is preparing for a Wedding Feast and just as Marriage in the natural is between a man and a woman who desire each other’s attention and affection, Yahusha also desires this of His Bride as she learns what pleases Him and strives to achieve it (behaviour = worship) in her life. This is how she readies herself, putting off all worldly influences that soil her white garments.

9. Mashiak Within. Once a person is Immersed, Messiah will come and live in their hearts and write His marriage vows (10 Commandments) on them, giving them the desire and the power to obey them (and they are not hard).

10. The Flogging & Training. Having a down-payment of Yahusha’s Ruach inside, allows Him to train His Bride so that she learns His heart and feels when He is pleased or unhappy with her. He does this by flogging, disciplining, chastising and rebuking her so that she bears the fruits of righteousness (behaviour: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, trustworthiness and self-control). If she begins to despise this discipline and training she is in for a world of pain.

11. Unclean Lifestyle. Yahusha’s Bride follows the 10 Commandments, does not do unclean pagan practices (ink herself (tattoos) or pornography or masturbation or LGBT). She does not get drunk and live a party-spirit lifestyle. She is striving to hear her Master’s voice, live a quiet life and mind her own business. The Bride does not eat unclean foods or fungus ie pigs flesh, seafood, mushrooms etc as this is incredibly unhealthy and an abomination to Yahusha.

12. Redemptive Feasts. The Bride does not follow the Pagan Zodiac, sun-worshipping practices of Xmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentines, Birthdays, Mother’s/Father’s Day etc but follows Yahusha’s 7 Redemptive Feasts, understanding that she is being changed, awakened and redeemed each year through observing obediently. PASSOVER, SHABUOTH, TRUMPETS, ATONEMENT & BOOTHS. These feasts are a very personal experiences between a person and Yahusha and do not need to be a big gathering or celebration but privately in their own home.

13. Rest on Shabath. The outward sign that a person is in the Everlasting Marriage Covenant with Yahusha is that they follow the 4th Commandment, stay in their homes on the 7th Day (Sat), do not buy or sell or work - they REST !!

14. The Three Rules. The Bride's behaviour must be perfected in order for her to make the Wedding Feast and so Yahusha has given His Bride a quick behavioural summary of all the Turah for quick reference in her day while dealing with the masses of humanity who are used by Shatan the enemy to ensnare at every turn. This Behavioural Summary is called The 3 Rules:

1. Don’t take anything personally

2. Let everyone have it

3. Don’t make excuses.

These rules are a great help in overcoming the SELF and overcome the natural responses to retaliate, seek revenge and have drama. Making an effort to implement these rules in her day teaches the Bride how to love and behave like Yahusha did.

15. Lionizing Love. (the worship and adoration of Yahusha). Reading the Scriptures in context, hearing the voice of her Master and striving to follow in obedience is how the Bride chooses to live out her remaining days before Yahusha’s return. She knows the time is very close based on all the prophesies in Turah and she has no interest in any of the worlds affairs or practices. Her eyes are on Yahusha, His love overwhelms her and she would do anything to please Him. Her whole life is a beautiful testimony of the radiant, intoxicating, all-encompassing love of Yahusha and she has no other real pleasures in life apart from Him.

He is her hope, her life and her expectation.