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We have been deceived throughout the generations by these wicked carpetbaggers and their offsprings (religious men), who lie about the plan of Yahusha's salvation /deliverance for mankind. As they want to control men and women by misinterpretation of Turah. They have added too, and subtracted from the scripture, which has a curse on such behaviour. They have blood on their hands, and have cursed the lands and its peoples with their lies (Satans language).

Every generation that has lived on this world has been given the Turah words of our creator. Right from the time of Noah, who knew the world before the flood, he saw what man turned into through their disobedience and were destroyed. Noah also saw the world after the flood and how his grandson Nimrod disobeyed Turah, and the devastation of their own disobedience was judged. Their language was changed into many different dialects, and they were scattered throughout the world. They took with them a mixture of Turah and the Mazzaroth/Zodiac teachings.

The Red Indians of America even had a copy of the ten commandments which has been unearthed. All the aborigines of the nations which were scattered from the destruction of Babylon had knowledge of the Turah ,and were judged according to how they treated the words of Yahuah. Abraham spread the truth and received the blessings of his righteous obedience, The Hebrews received the Turah and were blessed or cursed according to how they behaved Yahuah's Turah. After Yahusha came to earth and renewed the blood covenant, His words went global. We see right up to this day the Turah has filled the earth and every generation has had access to the words of our wonderful creator.

We can see throughout history, that the Father of Heaven has judged many great cities and peoples for their disobedience, or blessed those who were obedient. Every person that has died has been placed and are awaiting the 1st or 2nd Resurrection.

The Revelation of Yahusha Messiah brings us to the prophecy of the book of Revelation. The Turah prophecies that Messiah would come and give us deliverance from the confines of Satan's dominance over mankind by conquering death. Messiah defeated all of Satan's powers on the stake. The book of Revelation reveals to us what happened after His resurrection, Yahusha went into the dimension of Shamayim/Heaven, which was revealed to John the apostle. He was given a series of visions, which shows Messiah coming onto the throne of Yahuah, booting satan out of Shamayim, and throwing him down to earth.


The book of Revelation is a series of visions showing us what will happen before He returns and the sequence of events that will take place in the aftermath. These visions are not in order but each chapter reveals a section of what will be developed. It is up to the reader to understand these visions by joining together the points of the sequences by being led by the Set-Apart Spirit.

As we have realised every person who has lived and died up to today, is in the ground asleep awaiting one of the resurrections, Yahusha has dealt with them as He has dealt with every generation. Those on earth today who believe are awaiting the return of Yahusha Messiah.

This is where we see the deception of the carpetbaggers, who are telling us all sorts of doctrines, about their misinterpretations of the events within the revelation, which are all lies about such things as The Millenial Reign.

When Yahusha appears His bride is caught up to be with Him, which includes every person that ever lived in obedience on this earth, they are risen from the dead as promised, the bride is then changed into an immortal body like Messiah, as part of the first fruits. The heavens and the earth with its disobedient are totally destroyed. A new heaven and earth are then created, the New Yerushalayim which is his bride, a wonderful city, will come down with Yahusha and rest on the New Earth. This is her eternal home, she starts eternity with the 7th day of Yahusha's Redemption Plan. "One of Yahuah's days is as a thousand years," 6 days He worked and the seventh He rested. The millenial Reign is a thousand years in our time but only one day in eternity.

Here is a question :- If Yahusha has been through all these generations dealing with disobedience and placing obedience (sheep and goats/Wheat and tares) in the respective resurrection states.

1) Why would He want sinners and new children to be born during His Shabath millennium ?

2) Won't we be as angles, won't there be no marriage ?

3) Hasn't he already chosen His bride from the different generations ?

I am afraid we have been deceived by the many lies of the bloodied carpetbaggers. But it is not too late to change our minds, I certainly am. LOTZALUVALL.