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Most translations call YISHARAL, Israel, all through the Scripture.

The BYNV Calls Israel, YISHARAL, all through the Scripture.


Seeing that YISHARAL was divorced and scattered at the destruction of Solomon’s Temple (for their idolatry) … does she really exist as YISHARAL His Bride anymore?

70 years after the captivity we have what is called the REMNANT, who were sent back to Jerusalem to build the temple again, for Yahusha Messiah’s ministry. Upon the temple’s restoration and the death of Ezra, fighting broke out and the Remnant split into factions. The Pharisees, Sadducees, and Scribes were a part of these groups. This was the state of the REMNANT upon Yahusha’s appearance.

Yahusha pointed out to these carpetbagging imposters of their behaviour of the OLD COVENANT, which they couldn’t maintain. So Yahusha created a NEW COVENANT. He said “your body is now the temple” and transposed the whole temple services into a ‘microchip size’ that fits into our hearts, and He writes His rules and statues on our NEW HEARTS, so that we can behave His NEW COVENANT. Yahusha pointed out that it is not the physical effort of the OLD temple services He wants, but how we behave His NEW COVENANT towards each other in love.

After the Apostles received their micro-chips they performed the NEW COVENANT IN SUPERNATURAL LOVE. They did amazing exploits in Yahusha’s Name, the Apostles left us a template for building assemblies to house the supernatural presence of Yahusha amongst us.

When all the Apostles died, fighting’s broke out again and the assemblies lost the presence of Yahusha. The way was lost and Yahusha can’t be with His people because of our UNCLEAN BEHAVIOUR. Yahusha said these templates were recorded for the last days, it is up to us to walk the narrow path, throw off the constraints of this world as a sacrifice of cleansing, to meet Him in His throne room, clean and washed in His blood. Until we do this behaviour He is unable to meet with us. But today there is movement, awakening to the template of His desire and love for us.

Yahusha declared that He is the vine, it is not the grafting into the dead OLD YISHARAL, but the GRAFTING INTO YAHUSHA HIMSELF as the vine.

The question is, does YISHARAL exist today, or has Yahusha taken a NEW WIFE called the BRIDE? The situation today has not changed, these factions are still fighting. The OLD YISHARAL has now become the JEWS, who say they are the Bride of Yahuah. The Christians say they are His Bride also and there is so much confusion rampant on those who are coming to graft into Yahusha.

Woe unto you who stand in the doorway creating all this confusion. On top of this the Jews don’t even accept Yahusha as Messiah so what chance do new converts have?

EVERY CHANCE! Because this confusion is now debunked. They can push past these wicked carpetbaggers and head on up the path to receive their CROWN OF LIFE. If we approach Yahusha in an unclean state of mind/heart, we would be frackled up in His presence. This is why the self must be sacrificed to be in His presence.. He said, it is our reasonable service. If we don’t attempt, (like the carpetbaggers are doing to walk this path, staying in religion and confusion, wouldn’t we be considered unreasonable?)

Here at Behaviour Revolution (hence the name) we are experiencing Yahusha’s supernatural presence in our assembly. He has told us to share this with the Body/Bride of Yahusha. And boy, are sparks flying!!!

We don’t have to take on the doctrine of the older brother because that would be idolatry. Yahusha came to set us free, not into bondage of the old ways, because He has given us ..A NEW AND LIVING WAY. He has also given us a free will to choose the way we walk the path.