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Why on earth would you want to be part of Yisharal, when Yahuah dumped her and cast her out. She profaned the temple and Yahuah’s name by mixing sluttish idolatrous behaviour with His words. Even though cast out she came back to Israel claimed herself empress and created the Yahuah Only doctrine and her own bloodline. This bloodline of the chosen people is the Bain of the earth which caused the class distinction between all nations.

Yet still she vehemently pushes this discriminatory behaviour, keep everyone ignorant of who Yahusha really is with His new bride. Yisharal looks beautiful, but when you get up close she is a slimy old ugly buzzard. Who wants your life in her hand to crush it. So you don’t find Yahusha. Yisharal hates the bride and like a sneaky, slimy old serpent that she is, has infiltrated the groups who refuse to join supernatural assemblies, where the presence of Yahusha dwells. She is unrepentant even today, and demands herself be called the empress of Yisharal. Her aim is to destroy all belief in Yahusha as Alahim. No I want no part of her filth.

This knowledge came to me from the Spirit of Yahusha. I looked in google images for an ancient Goddess buzzard and found this picture below of a combination snake & buzzard goddess. My eyes nearly popped out of my head and revealed to me the hidden idolatry reigning in Yisharal is true. This came from being in the supernatural presence in Yahusha, as we are evangelising Australian on our tour with our new book on family life called Demons are Real! Truly Yahusha is with us.

We want to please Him in everything we do. .. and are overwhelmed with the reactions of people in groups, with no accountability to any supernatural assembly are speaking to us harshly with the Spirit of Yisharal.

This proves the words Yahusha gave us are true. On the other hand, there are many others enjoying and agreeing with what we are saying through the Spirit of Yahusha.

Lots of love from us, check in the word as you follow what Yahuah did to get out of the Yisharal bondage. He told us to follow Him. Remember, it’s all in the supernatural. Everything Yahusha did is in the supernatural. To follow Him is a supernatural journey and not of this world. Doctrines of men are a gravity to the spiritual belief and have no part of it. Be wise, follow Yahushas journey through the Feasts of our redemption, to become part of His new created family.