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What does the sixth day mean to you?

We know that the number of man is six in Scripture, so it must have something to do with man. Yahuah said six days he works and the seventh day He rested. Yahuah said, that one day in the life of Yahuah is a thousand years in the life of man. This is about timing, so we know that when Yahusha returns at the end of the six thousand years of time,the sixth day is also known as the preparation day of the Sabbath., so we can associate the sixth day as the six thousand year in time for people to prepare themselves for eternal life. This last thousand years, known as the sixth day is the time known as the ingathering of humanity, to become the Bride of Yahusha. And He said, many are called but few are chosen.This Scripture ignites within us an understanding that our love for Him is to be tested, to see if we are going to be genuine. In Yahusahs teaching He presented mankind with an opportunity of how to attain Eternal life, knowing within our lifetime we can achieve this goal.


Taking hold of the First Principles: repentance and emersion and receiving the set apart spirit is the doorway to enter eternal life. Firstly knowing and understanding and believing that Yahuah left the Throne room of Heaven, left His name and His Word in the hands of Yisharal to do whatever she wished with them. Realising she had made a fool and a mockery of these things. Yahuah had another plan, he couldn’t come to earth as He was in heaven, so He changed His whole being and identity as like a metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly. He wrapped himself in flesh, told the angels to tell Mary that this new creation identity is actually Alahim in the flesh and was to be called Yahusha, which is ..I am your deliverer.

Yahusha started His ministry knowing that He was going to fulfil all prophesies according to Messiah, which He did in His three and a half years of ministry. The form of worship the Jews had was through the priesthood and temple and really it was around the presence of Yahuah. You already know the backstory of Yisharals divorce, and why Yahuah left the temple and has never returned.


Temple worship was through the Feasts of Yisharal. Yahusha said …pick up you stake (your whole self) and follow me. Yahusha attended the Modem Feast Days for three and a half years, leading us to follow Him through each feast. Following through the Feasts teaches us how to attain Eternal Life, we too must metamorphose into a new behaviour. (the self must die) This change in behaviour is overcoming the world, the power of satan and sin, by travelling through the understandings and knowledge of each Feasts and what it beholds for us in this metamorphic change. Every priestly behaviour according to temple worship statutes points to our cleansing (deliverance) . By understanding the true meaning of how to worship Yahuah through His Ten Commandments in our daily life as His Melchizedek priesthood, delivers and prepares us i.e. makes us ready for His return. Yahusha wants a clean Bride.

As we enter the feast of Passover, we understand what the symbol of the sacrificed lamb and its precious blood actually means.From Revelation we see the only person in Heaven that could open the scrolls to judge the earth was the sacrificed lamb with the power of His cleansing Blood. Problem is, many people lay down their stake at Passover, form doctrines around the image of the lamb and worship this experience without moving on.

The next Feast is Pentecost with its tongues of fire. Again, many people lay down their stake, form doctrines and worship these images, never coming to the true understanding of who Yahusha is, and they can’t move past the Feast of Pentecost and move onto Tabernacles. They never come to the point to realise that it could only be Alahim that could perform all these amazing miracles and fulfil the prophesies. They reject that Yahuah can change., but a covenant broken is cancelled. If these people camped around Pentecost, never accept Yahusha as Alahim, they cannot receive the Set Apart Spirit, the Reach ha Kodesh. The spirit they receive is from demonic forces in high places and are totally deceived of their opportunity to prepare themselves for Eternal life.

The next Feast is Tabernacles where we realise Yahusha said… your body is the temple where Yahusha said to dwell in, not temples made by men with hewn stones. The lively stones Yahusha wants are untouched by metal, which are sinners in their raw human state. Yahusha enters those temple stones, destroys the corrupt seed of sin, cleansing them with His precious Blood, brings them through a metamorphic change of behaviour, where the butterfly within is forming, ready to fly off and meet Him at His return. The joy received from the knowledge of Yahusha within and that the old man is dead is the formation of the new bring metamorphosing into the new creation He has led us to become. The joy received from the cleansing change is infectious and admirable and brings the believer to a place where they know…My sheep hear my voice. They know the voice of yahusha and won’t listen to any other voice. He gives gifts and abilities to His Bride so she can do the works that are in the Gospels which He requires of her.

Following Yahusha brings us into His supreme presence. He fulfils every desire we could ever wish or hope for. an amazing promise of Eternal life awaits those who achieve the goal that He sets before them. There is no higher goal for man to strive for. Today we have this wonderful understanding from Yahusha, of the sixth day, the day of Preparation. We have an understanding now of how to achieve this goal. Take the warning not to lay down your stake at any feast, but to understand the values of each Feast, receive what Yahusha is saying at each Feast, by changing our mind. Then continue the journey of the joy of Tabernacles. This message comes from Yahusha, and He gives us the free will of which journey to take, its up to every individual to make up their mind who Yahusha is. Only on His return will you know which journey is right. Our test is our belief and trust in what Yahuah did when He came to earth as Yahusha, showed us the way to morph, went back to heaven, took back the Throne and sits there today as Alahim.