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What does WHITE/HORSE mean in Hebrew?

1. WHITE 2715 chor khore or (fully) chowr {khore}; from 2787; properly, white or pure (from the cleansing or shining power of fire (Compare 2751); hence (figuratively) noble (in rank):--noble.

2. HORSE 7267 rogez ro'-ghez from 7264; commotion, restlessness (of a horse), crash (of thunder), disquiet, anger:--fear, noise, rage, trouble(-ing), wrath.

Viewing these two words shows us what is brooding in Shamayim. The skies are going to open and Yahusha will come forth with power to destroy everything man has created. The reason why Yahusha is feeling this way is because men have mixed abominable worship with the Turah, ignoring his instruction. The way the world is at the moment, they will never change their ways and must be destroyed. Behaving in this manner brings curses, sickness, plagues and such.

Abomanable worship started with Nimrod. He rejected the teachings of Noah, his father, built a temple and palace and set himself up as King. The foundation of his beliefs are lies. His beliefs over the centuries have gone global. They are childish, depraved wickedness. The Mazeroth/Zodiac was formed in these times to control the nations. This calendar event system has festivals which reign in the homes of societies throughout the globe. It is made up of the festivals which everyone follows.; Christmas, birthdays, valentines, easter, sport and most public holidays. These festivals are set rock solid in the hearts and minds of men and women globally.

All nations have their foundations in the Mazaroth.

You can see that religion uses the name "G/D". They don't call Him Yahuah, which shows they don't have a personal association with Him. They actually cut Him out of their worship, but include Yahuah as "G/D" .. thats the mixture. therefore rendering their worship as righteous. Matzaroth is a self righteous religion and the world is being filled with violence. COVID19 has stifled the worlds behaviour. On the daily news all we see are complaints about the inconvenience COVID has caused them from living their Mazeroth lifestyle. Yahusha is shaking the world through the appearance of COVI19. He has stopped their activities Drawing their attention as to why this is happening. They have no answer because they are asleep. Torah tells us this is what will happen in the end Matt:24.

The flood came and destroyed all non believers from the earth.. they had no idea! the same thing will happen before His second coming.

No way is this world willing to repent and change their Mazeroth worship to worship Messiah instead. They will be shocked when Shemayan opens its portal where timelessness/eternity comes through and ends time itself.

Mans Time is a limited space in a dimension next to eternity. Yahuah has no beginning and no end and has invited His Bride to join Him in eternity. Time on this earth is getting closer to its end. We see the wonderful creation we live in, what will eternity be like in the New World.


Obviously this world will never be the same as it was after the second coming. It will be made new.