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Come Out Of The Mixture.

As Natsarim we are going to have to realise that many things around us are deceiving. Take for instance Christianity and the Jewish Belief. The Bible (the Christian book of faith) is known as THE MIXTURE. The Hebrew Scriptures and the Religion of Rome were mixed together to form a Religion (the biggest Cult in the World) called Christianity.

Over the centuries there have been many preposterous Laws and Creeds made from this CULT!!! Many of the Church Fathers have written Doctrines from which they preach with references. Very rarely is Scripture preached. This has caused many breakaway groups of Christians and now we have thousands of these sects today . . .

The Jewish Belief System is similar and again we have the same principles from this CULT with it's breakaway sects. The Jews do not preach from the Scriptures very much, but follow the traditions and teachings of the Rabbis from previous centuries.

Here we have two major Religions that have Books of Faith but instead of preaching the PURE WORD they have a MIXTURE of traditions and belief, hiding the REAL NAMES and belief from their followers. It is the greatest SCAM in History today. These books of MIXTURE are the wine from the cup of the great whore of Revelation. This wine has the whole world drunk on her false teachings (THE MIXTURE). There is only ONE antidote to bring mankind back to sobriety and that is the blood of Yahusha, the ONLY NAME GIVEN TO MANKIND THAT WILL DELIVER HIM FROM THE WINE ( false teachings) AND WASH HIM CLEAN . . .

The oldest belief system in the world comes from the hebrews. The oldest language in the world still spoken today is the paleo hebrew.

When Yahuah delivered his people from Mitsrayim and gave Mosheh the written Word and instructions for his Bride (the hebrews) the instructions were known as the wedding vows (which today is symbolised at the feast of Shabuoth). If the Hebrews broke these words they were told they would bring curses upon themselves which were listed with the rules.

The Hebrews rebelled and wanted to celebrate the feasts of the pagans, they started worshiping other idols which is an abomination and is spiritual adultery. Yahuah sent many prophets to warn his Bride but she would not stop her adultery. Yahuah then divorced his bride and scattered her into the nations.

When the Hebrews inter-mixed with the Babylonians many of their paleo (ancient) words were changed within their language. Also the way they wrote their language was now different. Today we have a mixture of both languages called modern babylonian, which is the language the Hebrews came back to the land with. Many of the rabbis over the centuries have added rules and laws to the instructions of Mosheh. These writings and arguments are what makes up the talmud which is not Scripture instructions but the writings of men.

When Yahusha was on earth this is what He spoke to the Pharisees and the Saducees about and He told them they were not applicable to the Turah but were a burden to the nation.

Again man has interfered with the pure word led by their mortal enemy, who wants the truth hidden in confusion.

The Jews today have a mixture in their mindset, even though they carry the true words from the mount with them, they have had their language and belief system compromised into a different behaviour than the bride. Of course the enemy has hidden the true words behind this circus (church - religious movement) causing confusion - his favourite weapon.

Christianity is the same: Constantine the last Roman Emperor and the first Catholic Pope, combined the national religion of the Romans (mithrayism) and his own revised version of the Hebrew Scriptures which he called "the bible" - again causing a mixture and confusion within his followers (the enemy's footprint again ) within christianity.

Both major religions have spread their mindsets throughout this world causing much arguments and splits which form sects and more confusion. The book of revelation tells us that these mixtures have come from a cup of abominations which have the inhabitants of this world drunk from its wine (false teachings). The only deliverance or antidote from this intoxication is the blood of Yahusha Messiah, which can bring a person back to sobriety and change the mindset to normal (wash the believer clean in mind & body).

This is the Besorah (the good news): our deliverance. Every man should repent and be delivered - it is a command. Every man needs the filth of the mixture washed from his body and mind, through immersion in the only name given to man whereby he can be delivered, the name of Yahusha Messiah.

Halleluyah your deliverance has come.

Who and what are people of the mixture ?

To start with all people of the mixture are drunk. Drunk means to satiate and satiate means: verb (used with object), satiated, satiating.

1. To supply with anything to excess, so as to disgust or weary; surfeit :means to take too much of something that makes you ill.

2. People of the mixture are whores and behave like whores.

3. People of the mixture are liers.

4. People of the mixture will deceive you.

5. People of the mixture come as angels of light, in the guise of a friend, but will double cross you.

6. People of the mixture will quote scripture at you, out of context, and try to devastate you.

7. People of the mixture are insane, because they are drunk all the time, on the wine of mixture.

8. People of the mixture read "the book of mixture" (false teachings, wine, "bible") and are full of hatred, while smiling at you.

9. People of the mixture behave like love, but is not love.

10. People of the mixture are not to be trusted, in any way, shape, or form.

Once you know that a person is of the mixture you need to be on your guard, not to do anything to them, but to counter react and deflect any attack. This is why we need to have our armour on.

Of course you realise that anyone who has not been immersed into the name of Yahusha Messiah, does not have the Ruach ha'Qodesh and is not of His. This awareness is a necessity to live in peace.

Who are they? These people of the mixture?

It’s all those who read the compromised books of faith and behave the traditions, festivals and philosophies of these belief systems. Beware!!! For they are a danger to your families and to your personal happiness.

Words said to you from these whores can stay in your heart (if you don't get it out) for many years, causing enormous grief and of course it has been done to you on purpose, from the enemy. If you take hold of this information and face what you see personally and never deny the fact of what your eyes have seen, to yourself, then you will have great victories

Along your path.

We are surrounded by the people of the mixture, we are actually planted amongst them (behold i send you out as sheep among the wolves). The best behaviour wins, if we behave Natsarim Turah before our enemies we will see amazing things happen. Our test is to not give into the seductions of the orgi’astic system & stand firm on turah & it will be amazing.

People of the mixture are always interfering and getting involved in the affairs of this life - everything we do and say is a behaviour. Our behaviour is our worship. Always be aware of what you worship!

The christians

The jews

The messianics

These three religions of “the mixture” are all seeking new converts (or to even steal them from each other), don’t be fooled, that is why they are so aggressively seeking you. In their eyes you have to be made wrong, so that they can make you right. Ha shatan is fighting to gain as many people for his kingdom as possible, so Messiah will loose this battle, (this is “a mixture” mindset & not messiah’s plan).

We have already explained the mixture of the Jewish and Christian mindsets, but the messianics are a mixture of both religions with their own different pronunciations of the hebrew words, these groups are relatively new and are forming their doctrines and by-laws as we speak (more cults). They use Scripture forcefully out of context, to break people down with a smile on their faces, at the same time they brazenly declare this is the love of Messiah.

These three religions want to Immerse (or baptise) you into their spirit. Some call it “holy” some call it Ruach ha’Qodesh (but it is not). Usually the religion accepts all the figureheads, “god, jesus, lord, christ, holy, ruach, elohim, yeshua, yahushua yahushuwah“, etc and many other strange ways of spelling the “name”.

Most will not accept Yahuah or Yahusha !!!

If they are wearing little kippas and robes and hold themselves as rabbis, teachers, or pastors, being higher than any member of the assembly, well then this is the spirit of the great whore of babylon. This behaviour is not of the Set-Apart Spirit, but is the spirit of adversity and false teachings.

The Set-Apart Spirit teaches those who the Messiah has chosen (not converted), the Bride is living amongst the madness of these religions, doing the work the Master has called her to. The assembly of the Bride company work together in unison and love. Understanding that Messiah calls, Immerses and teaches each and everyone of his chosen by a personal indwelling of the Set-Apart Spirit. Not the spirit of the adversary and his unclean, who dwells within the false bride’s hoard. It is amazing how the bride is not worried - she has the truth.