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Yahusha Gathers His Bride

When Yahusha appears in the sky on the day of His return, first are gathered the weeds and thrown in the fire. This fire is raging all over the world destroying what man has built and all those in sin. The dead in Yahusha are risen while the messengers are sent out to the four corners of the earth to gather the scattered bride who is Yisharal. She is brought to the Master and as she rises she is changed in the twinkling of an eye, "Born Again" to receive eternal life. Then the bride enters the eternal city that was prepared for her; The New Yerushalayim.

The earth is replenished and the cube city descends to earth for the eternal reign of Yahusha. All this happens in one day. It is impossible for the Bride to gather in Israel for His return due to these circumstances written in Scripture. Some in Israel will receive Yahusha before his return but they will listen to Ephraim calling to run to the mountains (other nations) for the dreadful things that will come on Israel.

If you can understand Yisharal (the scattered bride) is not Israel today! The people gathering in Israel today are not the bride Yisharal.


Scripture certainly shows us that the word of Yahuah is in the earth amongst us. All we have to do is look at our neighbour’s health and we can see the curses of Mitsraim (Egypt) moving through our communities globally. Revelation 6 says “And one of the elders responded, saying to me, “Who are these dressed in white robes and where did they come from?’’ And I said to him, “Master, you know.” And he said to me, “These are those coming out of the great distress, having washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the lamb.”

THE GREAT DISTRESS is of course the tribulation, so these people are those left outside after Yahusha has shut the door, when He has counted and chosen 5 wise virgins to enter the reign. Obviously the five wise virgins (which is an assembly worldwide) will be working for the Master amongst these people until Yahusha returns. Those standing before the throne in white robes have had to die for their own deliverance and they do not spend the thousand years of peace with Yahusha. They are placed under the altar and are risen to the Great White Throne Judgement 1000 years after the return of Messiah. Revelation tells us that they are saved but still have to give account to Yahusha. WHERE DO YOU STAND?


( read Ezekiel 37:1-14 )

If you see teachings and banners about a new Temple coming down from Heaven, don’t believe it! IT IS NOT TRUE!

There is a New City coming but it is after the fires of destruction cleanse the earth. This new city would stretch from Melbourne to Brisbane (in Australia) and take up most of the United States of America in size!

The most fascinating thing is what is said in Rev 21:22: “AND I SAW NO MISHKAN (dwelling place or temple) IN IT (the new city), FOR YAHUAH AL SHADDAI IS ITS MISHKAN & THE LAMB” .

This proves that the Father wants NO TEMPLE in the NEW YERUSHALAYIM !!!

The Scripture above (Dry Bones -Ezekiel 37:1-14) does not talk about men coming together before the Messiah returns - those texts are all about the dead being raised from their graves at the First Resurrection on the Day of Messiah’s return at the end of there tribulation. The rest of the Bride is gathered from the four corners of the earth by the Reapers (messengers) i.e. remember the parable of the wheat and the tares & the ten virgins . The Bride Company is a mixture of the chosen d\d coming to life and the scattered Bride still alive, being raised (drawn up by super power) to meet Messiah in the sky as prophesied. Those who are gathering in Israel before Messiah’s return are not fulfilling prophesy but are involved in a twisted deceit. The gathering of the Jews in Israel today is the same sneaky spirit that used Hitler to destroy the Jews during the Holocaust. MEN CANNOT MAKE A BRIDAL COMPANY - MESSIAH CHOOSES HIS BRIDE FROM AMONGST MEN BY HIS RUACH !!! The Bride is not a group that can be seen (like a Church) because Scripture says she is given a place prepared for her in the wilderness. It is preposterous to think that man can do this gathering on his own. Scripture says “MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD.”


By Chris Hilton . . .