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World vs Natsarim Woman


The worldly "wisdom" on this picture above is absolute poppy-cock!

The worldly woman is very different from the Natsarim woman. The worldly woman takes her mindset straight from the great whore of Babylon who is responsible for all the abominations of this world. Women with this mindset are drunk from the wine in her cup (false teachings) and want to tip the natural order designed by Yahuah Himself.

The worldly woman wants to dominate her husband and lead him her way. This is not the way Yahusha has designed the relationship. The relationship is designed so that Yahusha speaks to the husband about their direction, who shares this with his wife which Yahusha will confirm personally to her and they then move on together in the spirit.

If you have the wrong spirit, your direction is a worldly one all designed for self with an outcome of death.

Scripture uses the example of two women to describe the two different behaviours that are displayed today. One is from the great whore which Yahusha detests and the other is from His Bride who has been given instructions from Scripture. The whole Bride includes men and women and we are both told how to love each other and those around us from Turah. Natsarim believers are the Bride and there are not enough behaving how they should. Men & women must behave Turah instruction. Turah uses the woman as an example and men don't even get a look in.

It is up to the couple to be delivered from the whore spirit by the blood of Yahusha to find their own way to eternal life by living the instructions (given) through Turah. With the right spirit leading you, you will have success. Halleluyah


Victoria Hilton commented:

"what Chris has said is the right way we should be within relations to men and women...... Why the heck are women sooooo madly crazy to prove their dominance when, if they knew already that they were equal to men, there would be no fight, competition, jealousy, harassing, abuse, nagging.

Sisters! Lets get it together and become who we were created to be.........

I assure you, you will be so happy and contented with everything! Love you.”