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Deliverance To Yahusha

Deliverance & the Marriage Feast ( or shadows & fulfillment )

Ownership.... Yahuah created men and women because He wanted a family and real relationships with beings like Himself. He created us, therefore we belonged to Him. There was fellowship, open heavens and walking with the Master in the cool of the day. The special relationship between Yahuah and His people was likened to a marriage. There was love, like-mindedness and agreement based on the Husbands instructions and principles. There was no need for deliverance because Yahuah had his family and it was perfect.

Unfortunately a lying thief entered the garden and enticed the first man and woman away from the relationship. Through disobedience and rebellion the first man and woman gave up the marriage home and followed another. This is called spiritual adultery and it has been escalating upon the earth in various forms ever since. Through trickery, the enemy got mankind to follow him and by letting them think it was their own idea and choice he stole the legal ownership of the earth away from the Creator. BEHAVIOUR and obedience is worship and by disobeying Yahuah we signed over our legal rights to the one we obeyed. That is why the tree of life (Yahusha's essence) was blocked from mankind, for Yahusha cannot be in the presence of evil. He could have pushed reset right there and then (similar to the flood) but He had a plan of redemption in place for His cherished deceived bride: Deliverance & Marriage. There was now a divide between the realms, between Yahuah and His people. Only through blood and deliverance would He bring His Bride back home into the marriage dwelling.

Blood was very important throughout Scripture, for it was life. Scripture says that whoever disobeys Yahuah must die (shed his blood). These are universal principles set in motion by the Creator and He will not break His own principles for they are in essence His character and Who He is.

Yahuah is the creator of the universe and He is pure, He is love, He is light, He is absolutely perfect. If anything dark, evil or simply even inferior to Him is exposed to His presence it is immediately annihilated. He cannot be in the presence of evil. Light and darkness cannot exist in the same place. Remember the most set-apart place in the ancient tabernacle? Only the High Priest could enter once a year and it was only because He was covered by the blood. Even then, if he was unworthy or found unclean, he was annihilated! Remember Moshe could not look upon the face of Yahuah for he wouldn't have survived. No flesh can survive in the presence of Yahuah!!!

Yahuah made covenants with His people throughout Scripture and there was always the shedding of blood accompanying them because in Yahuah's constitution blood made the agreement LEGAL. And before He could deliver His Bride back home, He had to legally buy her back from the hands of the enemy!

How can the immortal all powerful Creator be joined equally with a mortal bride? Yahuah made the first step by coming very close to home. He emptied Himself of His immortality into a humble fleshly vessel and became YAHUSHA (meaning Yahuah our deliverance) for the sole purpose of buying His Bride back. Mankind had disobeyed and had no way of escaping death except for Yahusha. He paid the ultimate price with His own blood, LEGALLY buying back ownership of His treasured Bride once and for all (no more blood sacrifices required - payment made in full !!!) All that remained was for the Bride to be actually DELIVERED to Him. However only a spotless, perfect Bride like the family He started with in the garden was going to be acceptable. This is where the Deliverance process comes into play.

Regarding Yahuah's Bride we should also look at the fact that YISHARAL proved time and time again to be a whore, following other lovers (idols) and fornicating in disobedience to His loving Marriage Covenant. By His own instruction a husband is forbidden to divorce a wife unless there has been fornication and a wife is forbidden to re-marry unless her husband dies. You can already see the connection here. Yahuah divorced Yisharal and sent them scattering into the nations on several occasions no longer set-apart or possessing His Ruach amongst them. The only way for Him to remarry His Bride (the same bride, not a different group!!!) was to come and die for her, and as a ressurrected Husband, take his resurrected wife's hand in marriage. This is the other reason the bride (us) must die to ourself so we may be resurrected and delivered at His coming.

What does Deliverance (redemption) mean?

Hebrew (peleytah or pletah): To set free, to take or hand-over, to leave for another, to cause to produce by giving birth, to send something aimed or guided to an intended target or destination, to come through with, to rescue, victory, prosperity, health, welfare, healing, wholesome, redeemed, the escaped portion, help, safety........

Already we can see how much this word involves by looking through the eyes of the Hebrew language. Taking all that into account:

""WHAT"" do we need deliverance (redemption) from?

The human race is evil, lawless and disobedient to the instructions of Yahuah, influenced by unclean spirits and guided by their own selfish desires! It's morals are corrupt, and it's BEHAVIOUR (worship) has been against Yahuah since the fall.

Yahusha always makes the first move and biggest effort in approaching His Bride. Today we are celebrating the anniversary of the Covenant (the ten commands - our wedding vows) given to Moshe at Sinai. This was Yahuah's first step in delivering His Bride back from the enemy even before He had purchased her back. Remember Yahuah cannot be unequally joined to another unless they are perfect like Him. So how is He to find this Bride from amidst mankind?

Just as all the Feasts of Yisharal were shadows pointing to a greater fulfillment by Yahusha Himself, so too our marriage and deliverance go hand in hand, beginning firstly as a shadow (a courtship and legal agreement) and ending in a marriage (our final transformation and consummation)...

The Feast of Pentecost (Shabuoth) began at Sinai as a betrothal or courtship, a wooing of the chosen bride and instilling of His principles once more. The foundation had been laid. After Yahusha had offered His own blood in the heavenly sanctuary (see Rev ) He visited His close followers a few times before ascending and leaving them the promise of a helper to finish the work He started.

This occurred on the Day of Pentecost also, 2000 years after Sinai, where Yahusha confirmed His earlier work by giving us a small portion or down-payment of His essence or Ruach to teach, guide, chastise, rebuke and flog us to bring forth the fruits of righteousness and proof of our legal deliverance. He wrote His instructions on our hearts giving us a love for them ...

Obviously Yahusha's Bride is in for a hefty makeover process if she is going to be found worthy of marriage to the creator of the universe...

So""HOW"" are we delivered (redeemed)??

At our Immersion we respond to Yahusha and the sacrifice He made, understanding that we are legally bought back and no longer a slave to the enemy and His Beast System. Yahusha stamps His Name on our foreheads as a seal of ownership and declares us legally HIS, legally delivered and redeemed; legally clean, free of leprosy and disease, legally a new citizen of His Reign....written in the scroll of life and safe from eternal annihilation at the Great White Throne Judgement.

But is that it???? ......we may be redeemed and clean LEGALLY but we all know that we are nowhere near being ready to marry Yahusha our perfect bridegroom - our BEHAVIOUR is still unfitting for a Bride in the royal courts of Yahusha's Kingdom.

This is why Yahusha gave us His Ruach and the redemptive feasts which start at the beginning of the story each year and remind us; slowly renewing our minds and transforming us into the Bride Yahusha longs to ENJOY. His Ruach within us bears witness of our wedding vows (the 10 commands) and the principles in Scripture, driving us towards the prize along the pathway of deliverance that we entered at our immersion.

So there is a legal requirement for deliverance which Yahusha met and there is an actual day to day conscious commitment required from the Bride to become who she needs to be in order to be joined to her Bridegroom at the Wedding Feast... Just as there are shadows and fulfillments through the redemptive feasts each year there is the shadow of legal deliverance and there is the ultimate fulfillment of that deliverance, whereby an individual is finished in the deliverance process; a perfect overcomer transformed by Yahusha Himself upon His return.

From the day of our immersion until the day of Yahushs's return all immersed believers are on a pathway to deliverance, actually being delivered by royal courier to the arms of our Bridegroom. We are the fulfillment of Yahusha's quest and sacrifice. If we do not continue along the path overcoming the evil influences within and around us; if we stop and dig our heels in and do not continue to the end of the deliverance path - we are but an empty shell giving an impression of deliverance but having no fulfillment (Yahusha's love in our vessel).

It's all in our BEHAVIOR... We are legally HIS but does our BEHAVIOUR (worship) display that??

Ownership is the Shadow (His blood/our immersion)

Enjoyment & Consummation Is the fulfillment & Yahusha's desire

Where on the spectrum are you? Do you think Yahusha enjoys you or are you merely legal property He paid for?

What does Yahusha enjoy? Like-minded BEHAVIOUR and a bride who is passionately in love with Him and thinking about Him all the time!!!

Is this you?

Remember marriage is two becoming one and Yahusha cannot be one with anything unclean. Obviously at the final transformation which occurs at His return, His Bride will take on immortality and be truly ready to be joined to her Groom, but until that time we need to be traveling the path of redemption flowing with the Ruach who is personally fashioning us into the vessel we need to become to undergo the final transformation and be married.

If you do not make it to the transformation (first resurrection) and the Wedding Feast did you truly receive the fulfillment of your deliverance???

If you do not partake of the weekly and annual sabbaths and feast times which are for our redemption (the bring you further along the path of perfection) - will you be Delivered/redeemed???

Scripture implies that some flesh will survive the flames and we may be teaching the instructions to others during the 1000 years of rest. We also have those standing under the altar in Rev, those who will have to lose their own life in order to be resurrected at the great white throne judgement and receive eternity.... But is that truly Yahusha's desire for your deliverance - if you missed the wedding feast and you did not get transformed into a body like His - Are you truly redeemed or simply allowed in the back door of the kingdom, you cannot be married to the groom if you missed the wedding can you? What relationship will you have with Yahusha? Surely it can't be His bride can it?

Who would you be in eternity if you're not the bride???

You have been legally bought but you rejected the process of preparation for the wedding!!! You did not want to put on the white wedding garments of righteousness (correct loving behavior) He will not put His final garment of transformation on you. You will not be like Him. You will be asleep like you were all along. How does this sound??

The difference is in the Deliverance process.

All of history has been the courtship. What will the marriage be like???

<<<<<Summary>>>> True deliverance finds its fulfillment at the Wedding Feast, therefore Deliverance and perfection are required if we are to be the spotless bride in love with her Groom. Through His power and guiding we do our part to become perfect and obedient and He finishes us off at His return.

Yahusha has done his part and is still leading us by His Ruach but we must play our part also in the deliverance process. We must be passionate for Him, listening and wanting to serve Him and please Him. Otherwise why would He want to marry us. Are you any enjoyment to Yahusha??? Do you feel that He enjoys you during your day to day??

Ponder this as we celebrate the anniversary of the Wedding Vows and betrothal of Yahuah and His Bride.

Remember - She is not married yet!!!

All of Scripture is a letter of love from Yahusha to His Bride. Why would He love us so much? Look at what He has created since the beginning of time. He is the Alef and the Tau, He has no beginning or end and yet He finds pleasure in mere mortals. He loves to abide within the feeble vessels of His people, teaching, rebuking, guiding, flogging, chastising, encouraging and loving! Isn't that a mind-blow!!!!

It's time for us to take on His BEHAVIOUR and flow with our Bridegroom. He created us, owned us, let us go, paid for us back again and still lets us have who we think we are!! He lets mankind follow its course until the doorway to deliverance is shut and judgement begins.