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Shut-Up Your Guns-A-Blazing.

The Behaviour Revolution is the first to warn all believers to "SHUT-UP" and that it is BETTER FOR YOUR BEHAVIOUR TO SPEAK, THAN YOUR WORDS . . . There are thousands upon thousands of minority groups ready to "sue" believers. What we declare with our mouths will either trap us or keep us at liberty.

2Tim 2:4 says "no one serving as a soldier gets involved with the affairs of this life, in order to please Him who enlisted him, as a soldier".

After the recent gay conquest, the next to come is pedophilia, beastiality, and scores of others, crying out for equality. Believers who shoot their mouths off against such things today and tomorrow they can find their families on the street, subject to all the creatures of transgressions. It is best to declare your status and choice of lifestyle as a heterosexual with no bias; this is a believer's best choice.

Many believers are still caught up in 'the affairs of this life' and you are going to see them thrown into jail and sued for everything they own. If you take them into your home be sure they are willing to "Shut - Up," otherwise you will end up in the same state as them.

As a believer our status is that we stand outside of the judgement of any man. Doing this is correct behaviour and showing Yahusha's love to all. People are not stupid and will see that there is a different essence in your lifestyling and communication. Of course this is the Ruach leading us.

If people are attracted and enquire about your lifestyling, always be so careful as to how and what you communicate. There are many today who communicate in BRAZEN IDIOCY and these will be the first to go. Our Master wants us to endure and to reach those who will not be in the First Resurrection, but will still have salvation. If we are going to be here when the flames come [which is what Scripture says] He wants us to witness to these dear ones that our loving Master still wants to save them - this is our duty and obedient worship.

How wonderful is the instruction from Yahusha to "SHUT - UP" we all need to "SHUT - UP". I keep telling people to stay out of the affairs of this life, not to use Scripture without it's context [because it is spiritually illegal]. They laugh at me and don't believe that Yahusha is speaking through me. They mock me and abuse me - they accuse me of saying the opposite to which I am saying and declare that I am a beast without the Ruach.

I rejoice in their persecutions and praise Yahusha that He is using me. I pray for those putting forth this hatred and ask Yahusha to bless them because truly they cannot see what they are doing. Ha 'shatan is truly working in the airwaves today. There is also 'cause and effect' working and you can see Yahusha is counter-reacting to serve His purposes.

The best way you can see Yahusha's workings is to .....................""""shut - up"""""

The whole idea of what this post abrogates is freedom of speech, which is a worldly mindset that has infiltrated into Christianity and has then spread. We are told to be as cunning as a snake and as gentle as a dove in our communications and to 'be as they are', to win them over. If we come at people with all guns blazing what do you think they see? I keep telling believers to try shutting up and see where the Ruach leads you. Everyone is different and if we have wise believers knowing how to behave then we have a powerful team.