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Blow The Trumpet.

Brothers & Sisters, When we blow the trumpet at the feast, we are actually mimicking exactly what will happen in the Shamayim (heavens) just before Yahusha returns.

Yahusha is in another dimension and we can see this from what the Scripture says, that the Shamayim will open like a scroll and Yahusha will come forth on His white horse, with His army.

I mean what a production! Can you hear the magnificent music that will go with this phenomenal entrance. The sun will be gone, so will all the weeds with their sin, the light which is brighter than the sun will be emanating from our wonderful deliverer.

We will be ushered up to His presence with a new everlasting body, placed in an everlasting city and brought back to a replenished everlasting earth, where we will be with our great love Yahusha Messiah our deliverer forever. The king of kings Who died for us will have His Bride whom He has flogged, disciplined and rebuked, all her evil from her. Yahusha is then left with the Bride of His choosing without spot or wrinkle - A people who know His great heart and love Him for Who He is, not for what He can do.

We know His magnificent power, that He can do anything and more, but to have the pleasure of knowing His person is far beyond what we can dream of.

This is our Divine Deliverer we are blowing the trumpets for. How exciting to be alive when He actually comes on the marvellous day of Yahuah. Lotzaluv.