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SEX and Slavery to Sin.


Brothers & Sisters, today we are gong to talk about SEX OUTSIDE OF WEDLOCK. First let's look at a few Scriptures from the BYNV.

--- 1 YAHUKANON (John) 3:4

"Everyone doing sin also does lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness.

This Scripture actually means that sin is doing things against Turah and it's called LAWLESSNESS. Therefore any BEHAVIOUR apart from Turah Instruction is wickedness. We see here from our topic that HAVING SEX OUTSIDE OF WEDLOCK IS LAWLESSNESS & WICKEDNESS. If a married person has sex with someone other than their spouse, then this is lawlessness. (sin)

---- YAHUKANON (John) 8:31-36 "So Yahusha said to those Yahudim who believed Him, "if you stay in My Word, you are truly my pupils, and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." They answered him "we are the seed of Abrahim and have been servants to no one at any time. How do you say, 'you shall be free'?" Yahusha answered them,"Truly, truly, I say to you """"""""""""EVERYONE DOING SIN IS A SERVANT OF SIN'''''''''''''''' and the servant does not stay in the house forever - a son stays forever.

There are some marvellous points in that last Scripture but it is best to stay on our subject. The word SERVANT really means "SLAVE". This gives us the understanding that IF WE DO ANY LAWLESSNESS (SIN) WE BECOME IT'S SLAVE, which means we have no will of our own for the eternity of our lives. Verse 36 says "if then the son makes you free, you shall be free indeed". YAHUSHA INVESTS HIS POWER INTO US SO THAT WE CAN OVERCOME THE DEVIL - such good news !!!

All children being brought up in Turah should be taught about sex when you see they are being curious. IF CHILDREN START MASTURBATING AT A YOUNG AGE THEY WILL BECOME A SLAVE TO IT, BECAUSE IT IS LAWLESSNESS. THIS SLAVERY LEADS THEM INTO ALL TYPES OF DEPRAVITIES, ADDICTIONS AND MENTAL DISORDERS - You will watch your child suffer through their lives. This is why it is so important to tell your children that sex out of wedlock has a curse on it. Instead of seeing the best that life can give them through living Turah they will see their minds and lives deteriorate. We are so blessed to be Natsarim with the ability to show our children the madness of this world and encourage them not to becomes slaves of lawlessness and a child of the devil . . .

Brothers, Sisters ....... And ....... MOTHERS !!!!

From your very own personal experience, you understand just what desire and lust are. You also understand the battle you had to go through, to get free of these wicked temptations you thought were your own. You understood your own prison in your personal life. THE THINGS WE DID AND THOUGHT AND BEHAVED IN OUR BODIES that we haven't been able to share with anyone - to date. In fact, if we told anyone our life in prison to the torturer, they would be totally shocked at our depravity.

BROTHERS & MOTHERS - This is the slavery we have lived and we will never tell anyone the bondage of our debauchery, just because it is too wicked. We have all behaved this way within and have shared the same stinking slimy walled cell and bed of our lust. ALL WHO SIN BECOME A SLAVE TO SIN!!! This means Satan owns you and you have no power or way of deliverance from the filthy wickedness he has you living - in actual fact you have felt something disgustingly, unwholesomely, unclean and evil, move into your heart. THIS CREATURE DOMINATES YOUR WORDS AND BEHAVIOUR TO THE POINT WHERE YOU YOURSELF ARE FORCED BACK INTO A SLIMY EXISTENCE, WATCHING YOUR BODY AND MOUTH BEHAVING IN WAYS FAR BEYOND WHAT YOU HAD EVER THOUGHT.

In actual fact you know this invasion of your body isn't you, so you start looking for the way out. Then suddenly you know Yahusha has visited you personally and you cried out for His DELIVERANCE, because you knew this wasn't real living and the life He promised. Your immersion circumcised your heart and deliverance came. Once Yahusha was inside you, you were chastised, flogged and disciplined from old habits to became his spotless Bride of Turah Behaviour, that He taught personally from within your vessel. Now you love Him with perfect spirit.

BROTHERS & MOTHERS - Do you want your innocent child to experience what you have experienced (that slimy prison), all because you can't get it together, to warn them of unclean spirits, and how they want to control them.

The devil is not dead yet and is still tempting and abusing those who are weak. I will tell you honestly, do you want your kids to be alone in their plight as you were, hearing those seductive voices enticing them into wickedness of behaviours??? DO YOU WANT YOUR KIDS STUCK IN THAT BONDAGE WITH THEIR PERSONAL WHISPERING GUIDING YOUR CHILD TO DO THE OPPOSITE TO YOUR INSTRUCTIONS???

If you do not get it together to tell them about the devil's unclean spirits (in your own way). Then the unclean will take your kids and you will watch them grow in evil and wickedness right before your own eyes. DID YOU KNOW THAT THE MOST DANGEROUS DOOR A CHILD CAN ENTER, IS THE DOOR TO MASTURBATION??? Kids today are starting at 10 years old (some earlier) and once this sets in other depravities follow; the drugs and alcohol come to hide their guilt.

If you have read this then you know what Yahusha is saying to you on many levels. Lotzaluv.


Some thoughts from Marky Mark:

So many teachers and pastors are condoning MASTURBATION stating that due to the apparent lack of it's mention in Scripture (really???) it is perfectly acceptable behaviour! Itinerate Ministers are even encouraged to practice such an act instead of cheating with an another person! Many believers are defending MASTURBATION trying to separate the physical act from the MENTAL LUST which Yahusha teaches against...... in other words if you are not lusting in your mind then it's ok to jerk-off......HOW RIDICULOUS.....This is not Yahusha's plan for HIS BRIDE - this is a whore's unclean behaviour! He gave the first man a woman so they could satisfy one another. If your wife doesn't want to `get jiggy' with you fellas then maybe you need to look at how you are treating her.

If you are having trouble containing yourself and do not have a husband or wife yet then ask Yahusha for one and groom/dress/present yourself in such a way as to attract someone from the opposite sex, make yourself appealing and have lovely attractive BEHAVIOUR - SMELL AMAZING - do not walk around looking like a religious freakshow - it won't work, unless you are trying to attract one smile emoticon

SELF CONTROL is a fruit of the Ruach and we must all exercise the down-payment of power Yahusha has given us INSTEAD OF MAKING EXCUSES. Scriptures addresses everything - fornication, abusing oneself, even unclean emissions in the night (deut 23:9) and of course there is good Ol` ONAN who split his seed (you should see the talk-around that story gets in favour of self-abuse!)...

In a `nut'shell, do you want to continue splitting hairs in favour of defending an UNCLEAN "LUSTLESS" WANK-FEST? Are you content seeing how close to the line (of sin) you can get, believing you haven't already crossed it? Let's move forward brothers and sisters and leave all the fleshly desires behind. Most of the battle is in your mind, especially in this world of proud sensuality (it's everywhere). Don't begin to tell me you are abusing yourself without any sort of LUST involved - that's an unclean lie . . .

Older children need to be told that they are given certain organs of pleasure to be used with a very special person who they will marry - NOT THEMSELF!!! If they are raised this way then they will have the correct instructions of Turah encoded in their DNA (so to speak) and even if they choose to later disobey they will always feel Yahusha's hand of disapproval and flogging on them because of how they were TAUGHT. A person raised to think it's ok to touch themselves whenever they please will take that into their marriage and cause a world full of hurt for their spouse. It is UNCLEAN & EVIL and don't be fooled by the lies told otherwise . . .

Let's get real so that we can break down those strongholds that are stopping us from BEHAVING how Yahusha wants us to...