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Yisharal's Idolatry

Hope you are reading the Scriptures coming with the history of Yisharal, like Ezekiel chapters 6-18. You can actually read on further and it is so fascinating. Try to get hold of a BYNV version because it is so plain in this particular version.

In these Scriptures you will find that Yisharal forced Yahuah out of His Set-Apart Place by erecting a thing of jealousy. The things that Yisharal His Bride did to Yahuah are so wicked according to the Covenant - you won't believe it !

Yisharal stepped into adulterous idolatry and fornicated with anything that moved and thought that Yahuah could not see her and all her filthy ways of deceit. Yisharal was birthing children so as to sacrifice them in the fire. All this hidden abominable behaviour has not left the side of the false chosen race, even today. We do not see the blessing of Yahuah upon this land or it's people because they are frauds. We see plenty of Hollywood in Israel but not the presence of Yahuah.

Read in Ezekiel just how they drove Yahuah out of the Set-Apart Place - watch in your mind's eye the glorious exit of the esteem of Yahuah leaving the temple. It is such a sight to see and especially the BEHAVIOUR that drove Yahuah to leave.

Israel has planted their particular belief system globally which has infected the human race. This infection is in CRUEL BEHAVIOUR. This is why we are having a "behaviour revolution" bringing back the love of Yahusha through the 2 rules.

If you haven't noticed, the old Bride Yisharal was divorced by Yahuah and still is. She has not changed her ways. Her infected behaviour has gone global and she has the lives of men and women trapped and thrashing in the swill of her disgusting behaviour.

Yahusha has come and offered deliverance for His new Bride. When we accept Yahusha through repentance and immersion, the swill (the worldly behaviour) starts to drain off us and we have eyes and ears to see and hear. It is so shocking that the Scripture has revealed to us our previous behaviour and we can see ourselves as in ancient Yisharal, which was a complete idolatrous adulterer.