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Two Rules of Context.

Brothers & Sisters . . .

There's a quick way to get the context and actually hear from Yahusha personally and immediately if you do this process. Personally I would do it through the BYNV Scriptures.

1) Break down your experience to a Scripture Verse. [ask google where to find it]. 2) Read before and after the chosen Scripture and break down the understanding into it's simplicity.

Your answer will be what Yahusha is saying to you. Quick and simple to hear from Yahusha personally and you will be walking on the Word. Of course we need to read the whole of Scripture but that takes time. Meanwhile this is how to receive guidance from above.

These 2 rules of context are for the new generations and for the older ones if they want to break out of the crusty old religious bondage. Enter the Behaviour Revolution and be refreshed by the Two Rules of Behaviour & now the Two Rules of "CONTEXT"

By Chris Hilton . . .