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Slave To The System.

Look at the message from Morpheus from the Matrix. There is truth in this and it is why we must be cunning as a snake and gentle as a dove because the majority of society will always defend the system of slavery they are living in.

Even if they have rejected religion most don't realise that religion controls society and its laws and customs anyway. They are a slave living in bondage and hard labor - yet if you told them the way out they would love their chains because they have grown accustomed to the darkness.

There is only one way out into the light, to find true peace and deliverance and that is Yahusha. But only those who are chosen can see this, who have had the scales fall from their eyes and feel drawn to Yahusha. If one is not chosen or being drawn by the Ruach - what are you sprouting your mouth off for behaving like a buffoon and religious crack-pot?

Sensitivity is needed and a loving BEHAVIOUR and good reputation in society or among your peers. This will reveal who's who. Listen to Yahusha and He will tell you when to open your mouth and when to shut up

Love from Mark . . .