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Wholesome Christian Values.

I'm purely addressing the picture here. The vast majority of older traditional folk in this country don't like Islam and they don't like gays either and that's why I find this picture so hilarious 😄😄😄. . .

Yahusha is using every group and religious movement in Popular Culture to break down the rebellious traditional walls that the older generations have built-up against Yahusha and His Turah. The wicked way they treat people condescendingly through their "wholesome Christian values" (found no where in Scripture mind you) are being used right back in their faces. If society and the older religious folk are going to live outside of Covenant doing abominable acts and BEHAVIOURS and festivals not found anywhere in Scripture (on a side note they lit the semen lights on the giant dick-tree in town the other night - another 'wholesome' christian value) they'd better be ready for the younger generations cause they have a whole slather of stuff that they're into - right in your face.

There's no point getting your back up and protesting any of these newly accepted movements because look how you're living right in the Master's face. It's all coming to a soon end, and boy will it be hot!!!

Their `wholesome' Christian Values are not `wholesome' at all !

They are not found in Scripture and the BEHAVIOUR is an abomination to Yahusha!

Wait and see what 'hits the fan' if you start stepping out of it all though. Ooooo honey does it get heavy, but the place you end up in years later when you turn around and look back is truly astonishing. Yahusha's yoke is light and His Deliverance from all that you were before is soooooo sweet !

Come out from among them and let the `barbarians' break down all those traditional walls . . .

By Mark Davidson . . .