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This Will Never Happen.

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Brothers & Sisters we have to try and understand that in the time of Solomon (and after his death) Yahuah was furious with Israel because of it's abominable lusty behaviour of combining idolatry of the surrounding nations with the worship of Yahuah and their internal fighting which split the nation into two. He warned them to repent, but their refusal prompted Yahuah to divorce them. The majority of Israel we see today parading on the global stage is a mixture of left over ministers from the Babylonian and Persian empires. Israel's written language, the Torah and the spoken language had been compromised to a Babylonian influence, leaving many changes from the Paleo Hebrew. This was done to control the people. These cohorts were sent back to Israel to re-build Jerusalem. History tells us the city was rebuilt but the inhabitants were fighting and became abominable all over again. By the time Yahusha arrived the locals were in a cursed state of sickness and depression, there were religious priesthoods combined with political movements opposing each other (as Scripture reveals).

After the Romans punished Israel (which Yahusha prophesied) the city was destroyed and the land became a virtual wasteland. This was also prophesied. However some remained as a remnant and most were scattered into the nations. Many of the Israelites from Solomon's time who were captured and sent to Babylon originally, had no desire to come back home to Israel and were absorbed into the nations.

Today we see Israel in the eyes of the nations as a haunt for every religious bird - it is a modern day Sodom. The worship of Yahuah is mixed with abominations once again. Israel is trying to raise herself to the former glory. Yahuah has prophesied about His Kingdom not being from this earth and that His bride is collected from the four corners of the earth.

This is why we don't type "AMEN," to the above picture.

Yahuah will not allow this Sodom-Israel to rise again because of her licentious behaviour. Just watch & see !!

By Chris Hilton . . .