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Useless Patriotism

Brothers & Sisters, LOOK AT THE ABOVE PICTURE. Yahuah allows us to live in our countries and if we live according to His instructions, we will be safe. If our nation is blatantly disobedient to His Turah we will be punished. The best way to know what is happening in and too your nation is to check it's basic behaviour to see whether love abounds as a common display of forgiveness! If this is not happening and you see unpleasant things happening, then your nation is very simply being judged.

Yahuah will not put up with abominable behaviour. Therefore it is useless and a waist of your time being patriotic to a lost cause. If we stand up for a behaviour that is abominable to Yahusha, just what are we saying to Him?

This goes for every nation.

By Chris Hilton . . .