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Whoredom Worship

We have to realise globally what is happening and also the understanding of what went down historically and prophetically.

Right through history disobedience to the Father's Instructions has always been described as "A WHOREDOM", which is an opposing behaviour to the goodness of the Father's instructions. Whoredoms have been the cause of our world's troubles and wickedness (man wanting his own way).

If we go back to the time of the end of King Solomon's reign, we find that Solomon himself had ignored his own father King David's teachings. Solomon the wisest man on earth turned from the truth to whoredoms (opposing behaviours) and lost the plot.

These same lusts and whoredoms of Solomon were passed on (like a plague) to the people of Israel and ruined them so much until it got to the stage where the nation split in two with two temples and opposing teachings. As far as Yahuah was concerned this is unacceptable behaviour, so He sent prophets telling them to REPENT AND COME BACK TO THE MARRIAGE COVENANT. Israel was the Bride of Yahuah and she became a whore and mixed the abominations of other nation's beliefs and practises with the worship of Yahuah. Sort of the same thing that is going on today.

At any rate Israel was destroyed because she never repented to come back to the Marriage and was banished into the nations. At the end of the prophesied punishment time, a remnant contingency arrived back to Israel and rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. YAHUSHA CAME TO RENEW THE WEDDING VOWS which some took up. The Romans captured Israel and stole the scrolls of life and tried to squash anything to do with the Marriage Covenant. From this Christianity and the Bible were formed.

Rome had their own mixture which is pagan beliefs with the Hebrew Scriptures, as did the Jews but their mixture is Babylonian beliefs combined with Hebrew texts. All this behaviour is called whoredom and of course is still evident in the world's religions today. Of course THE GOAL OF RELIGION IS TO DOMINATE AND DESTROY YAHUSHA'S WORDS OF COVENANT BY MIXTURE AND CONFUSION WANTING TO HIDE TO HIDE THE ESSENCE OF HIS LOVE AND FUTURE FOR HIS BRIDE.

Rome, the Jews and all Religions are combining their wealth and forces together to re-establish the temple in Jerusalem - claiming to be the Bride and the Word (the leaders of this extravagance wanting whoredom worship for themselves on a global scale). Of course Yahusha will not allow such a thing to happen because it is a whoredom to His will. This is a most important thing for all believers to understand so they are not swept up in the so-called 'good causes' to achieve this whoredom and abomination.

Tell me, have you heard any news come out of Israel today saying that she has been wrong and that she has repented and accepted that Yahuasha is now her deliverer and saviour? Have you heard her (Israel) telling the world to repent and come back to covenant relationship with her husband? If you have not heard this message you can summise that Israel is still in her whoredoms!

By Chris Hilton . . .